It is now officially the month of Christmas so that means the shopping is all go, go, go. And buying for women can be one of two ways: easy peasy lemon squeezy – the Body Shop and Soap and Glory have got my back or holy shit what can I get them? So here I am with mywomens  gift guide to offer a few options.

That’s right – Christmas. Also I am genuinely super excited for Christmas and a couple of the things I am going to include have landed on my desk over the last few weeks so I know they are banging products. Tried and tested, and admired I must admit.

So let’s talk gifts.

Womens gift guide featuring Wacoal, Soap & Glory and more | Scottish blogger JAC & The Box

First up we all know how I love a print. I just do. There is something magical about having prints all round your house. Don’t get me wrong I think family photos are lovely, in fact that is another gift idea and something I did for my mum last year. But for a couple it can be too much – there are only so many pictures of your faces you can have. So I have a selection of prints on offer. Starting with Mooku. They were kind enough to send me an A3 print which I am excited to pop up on my wall. However if that doesn’t float your boat then there is also Coconut Lane. And if you use the code jacandthebox20 you get 20% off so there’s always that.

Moving onto some beauty bits. Now I have a selection of things that are great choices in this department, because for once – I have been trying and testing beauty products and now I have an opinion that could possibly be valued as something.

So straight up – Soap and Glory. I won’t lie, I have never used any of their stuff before. But then they sent me a few things and well, they got me. I am a convert. They win – take my money God dammit. Let me tell you some of my favourite bits and bobs. The eyebrow archery pen. We all know how important brows are so help a gal pal out and give her this miracle worker. Also the eyeliner and mascara are my eyes current favourite bits.

Okay moving away from Soap and Glory – also an excellent choice would be the Skin Chemist London’s Caviar stuff. I was sent this a few weeks ago and was very skeptical. I was pretty sure rubbing fishy stuff into my skin would make me want to spew, but au contrair. In fact, it smells amazing. And it is so smooth and leaves you feeling so silky. So treat someone you love to the non-fishy fish stuff. Also – thank me later – if you use the code  CAVBLOG1 you get 70% off.

And finally in the beauty department, The Body Shop. I have been a fan of The Body Shop for a while but I only just got their Vitamin E cleanser and toner and let me tell you, that stuff – works miracles. I am telling you. My face has some sort of winter glow and has thus far completely fought off all dry skin. So get your lovely lady some of that and you are sorted.

Moving away from beauty, lets talk lingerie. Now I have a few options here. For smaller boobs, I would 100% recommend Chantelle or Calvin Klein. Yes they are expensive but they are so soft and some of them are possibly the most beautiful sets I have ever seen. However for girls like myself, let me point you in the direction of Wacoal – specifically Freya. Now lingerie shopping for most girls is awful but once they know their size it can be fairly easy. So if you know that, I would recommend heading any of these brands and making the lady in your life feel fabulous on Christmas day.

However lingerie may not be the kind of gift you want to buy your aunt so lets finally talk smells. Okay you got me, I meant candles. Lets talk candles. I have previously talked about Shearer Candles as well as my beloved Bath and Body Works candles because both are freaking amazing. So there are a few scents I would for sure recommend for Christmas time. There are the obvious Christmas choices in the above photo, however there are a few New Year or fresh candles that are wonderful. So lets start with Shearer Candles and Amber Noir because, if it is good enough for Ed it is good enough for everyone. However you will know the scent of the lady you are buying and both of these stores offer the best choices.

And finally, a house plant. Because lets be honest – who doesn’t love a house plant in this day and age? That’s right nobody. You can DIY how you make it or just hand them over the IKEA pot (don’t lie and pretend it isn’t from IKEA) and see them smile because even Jenny can keep a cactus alive.

If you are looking for ideas of what to get men, well I have another gift guide for that.  Also keep your eyes peeled for a somewhat random gift guide coming to the blog very soon.

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