JAC + The Box London home

Ladies and gentlemen (there are a few I swear) welcome to one of my favourite corners of the place that has become my home for the last six months. You may remember I shared an insight to my old flat in Glasgow, and boy did I love that place. However as I sit on my somewhat comfortable sofa with tulips decorating the table and a jigsaw just calling my name, I realise that I love this place just as much.

JAC + The Box London home

The mirror is from Oliver Bonas and I am sorry to say the large one is no longer in stock, the small one is though. Actually getting the mirror was a mission, we had to go to three different stores to find it and when we eventually did it had a teeny tiny mark on it. I do have to commend Oliver Bonas for their outstanding customer service throughout finding the mirror and the discovery of the mark, it really makes me want to shop there so much more.

Underneath we have a beautiful table that I can take zero credit for, that is all down to our landlady. It has loads of drink marks on it from the previous tenants but to be honest, I quite like that. I mentioned it before, but I romanticize a lot of things. So whenever I look at the marks, I image all the stories behind each one and the parties or romantic nights in they are from. Does anybody else do that?

And atop the table, well that would be one of Greg and I’s pride of joys. Since Christmas, we have not had a week there has not been a jigsaw on that table and it is wonderful. It means that we put our phones down and take time just to let our minds wander while re-building a picture. That and also I fucking love jigsaws. This is a London skyline picture and we bought it for a solid 99p from Oxfam.

JAC + The Box London homeJAC + The Box London homeJAC + The Box London homeJAC + The Box London home

Now for my favourite place, and where you will find me pretty much every single evening with my dinner, a glass of wine or a big ol’ cup of tea, the sofa area. Straight up: I hate these white IKEA square tables. They are without a shadow of a doubt one of the ugliest pieces of homeware I have ever had but they are cheap and easy to clean. Silver linings etc.

The sofa is an incredibly uncomfortable sofa bed which Greg and I once slept on so that my mum didn’t have to. My dad will be the next victim of the uncushioned wire bed in summer, so please keep him and his slipped disc in your prayers. And the wee green cushion and the one with the stag are both from H&M‘s Christmas collection.

Our rug was a very generous gift from Greg’s uncles, it’s from SCP in Shoreditch. I bloody love the store so when they pulled it out the attic and said we could have it I couldn’t say no. As is the lamp in the top picture, apparently they have the worlds biggest attic. The wee lamp beside the sofa though is from the landlady.

And finally the finishing touches. Just like any millennial – we are big lovers of plants. Although somehow you only see one plant in this whole post. It is one of my favourites and also one of the firsts that we picked up from Columbia Road flower market when we first moved. Then it’s just lots of candles, blankets and magazines.¬†Oh and finally my guitar…which I never play, but Greg does pretty much every day so at least it doesn’t just gather dust.

I hope you have enjoyed this wee tour of our favourite corner. For now I am going to get back to chilling on this very uncomfortable sofa while sipping on prosecco I picked up but forgot to drink last night.