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God that sounds so terrible doesn’t it. But we do. I want to sit down and have a wee chit chat with you but to do that I feel like I need to give a bit of a life update. So, let’s talk.

First things first, the back pain that I have suffered from for years has been getting increasingly better and I no word of a lie 100% think it is all down to my Eve Sleep pillows. I will be straight up with you, I was sent the pillows. And I was originally going to do a post on how incredible they look and the importance of beauty sleep because I didn’t think pillows could make that much of a difference to life. But they have genuinely helped my back ache a ridiculous amount.

I have an Eve Sleep mattress but it lives at Greg’s parents, so when I was offered pillows I knew they would be all mine. And holy hell, I freaking love them. I wish I had both the pillow and the mattress combo because I can’t even imagine what that would do to my body. But for anyone suffering from back ache – get the pillows. I know they are expensive but honestly, they have changed my life. Trust me there is no affiliate link here of anything and I am not paid to say this, I just really like them.

Next thing, I have been working out a lot more. I got a gym membership at the beginning of the year and was pretty much ready to give up straight away but for once I am sticking to it. My goal right now is to go at least once a week, that way I can’t be disappointed if I don’t go loads and also I have an attainable goal. Eventually I will try to build it up but I am going at least twice which is good.

JAC & THE BOX DOG | Scottish lifestyle fashion and travel blogger

Now I know what you are thinking – but how the hell do you secure your boobies, well lovelies, let me tell you…I don’t do a lot of jumping. Nah I am kidding. I have had a bra that I bought from Debenhams about two years now and while it probably needs updated it does the trick. It’s their Gorgeous range but the name on mine has rubbed off (obvs wearing it too much…such fitness goals) but it is really good. I have heard similarly great things about Freya and Fantasie, but we all know I love the Wacoal brands.

Another thing, I went to a family event the other day and holy hell the lead up to had my anxiety in one of the worst states it has been in since uni. I had my worst panic attack of the 2017 just thinking about it when I was at work and had the constant feeling of anxiety almost constantly. But thanks to one of my friends, I found myself a lovely dress and actually felt amazing.
JAC & THE BOX DOG | Scottish lifestyle fashion and travel blogger JAC & THE BOX DOG | Scottish lifestyle fashion and travel blogger

Also my dog, Millie, came along which meant I was so much calmer because when I did get anxious I just gave her a cuddle and it was all good. Plus – I know could there be more – the lunch was near a beach so after lunch we went to the seaside and that really helped.

And lastly…I have been considering giving up the old blog. I know girl cries wolf, but it got to the point last week where I was literally hovering over the delete button. Alas, I decided against it.

My issue is the pressure I put on myself I think. I felt like I was on a roll at the start of the year with one or two posts going up weekly but now I am missing them all the time. I also cannot be sacked scheduling tweets. This is a fairly new thing for me to do but honestly – how do you guys do it all the time?

JAC & THE BOX DOG | Scottish lifestyle fashion and travel blogger

I was at a bit of a fork in the road and I wasn’t sure where to go down. Basically, I felt like Pocahontas when she is looking at the two rivers. That’s me right now. I am in a boat with my hummingbird pal and racoon friend trying to decide what way to go. Although in the case of this post, it was me and Millie and we are standing on grass with my heels sinking in. Both the metaphoric and real life struggle was real.

But I am going to keep going. I told you, girl who cried wolf. It might just mean I am not posting as frequently but I do really love this wee platform I have made. And also I was told by about three people I haven’t spoken to in years that they really love my blog so who would I be if I deprived them of this?