I am always reading blogs and watching other peoples Youtube channels and feeling jealous about how well they are doing while I am still struggling to understand what self-hosting a blog means and what do you mean I can change lighting in a Youtube video? Do you even remember the one I did? Nope me neither.

This has left me feeling quite down. I won’t lie – it is because out of all the bloggers I follow, very few of them are newbies and they are also all really tall and skinny. (Did anyone else struggle to read ‘are also all’ there? Please say it wasn’t just me).

So I have decided, it is time to start thinking about how to be happy. Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t just blogging that gets me down. It is usually lack of sleep, lack of body confidence and being far too sensitive so here are some of my thoughts.

1. Light a candle. This may be hard if you are walking or outside but if you are at home light a candle and let the beautiful scent fill your nostrils. Make it something that links to a memory.

2. Have a bath. Fill the tub, light some candles and get cosy with either a movie, a programme, a book or just some music.

3. You know that one programme or film you have banned yourself from because you get crazy addicted – yeah? Watch it. Who cares if you then spend the next 5 hours doing something for you. 

4. GET OUTSIDE. Yes – this is hard if you live in Scotland on occasion but I am going to let you in on a secret. You will not melt from the rain. In fact walking in the rain can actually make you feel a lot better about yourself. A kind of washing the shit you were thinking about away.

5. Find the sea. Even if it means getting a bus and a train – find the sea. It is unbelievably calming watching the waves crash into the rocks. It will take your mind off it and the fresh air will do you well.

6. I am lucky enough to live with my best friend so when ever I need a cuddle he is always there. But if you don’t give them a phone. If they are true friends then they care about you and want to spend time with you.

7. Get your face on. On the days where you wake up feeling really shit and you just want to scream at everything in the flat. Those kind of mornings are when you need to sit in front of your mirror, go through a very long and detailed facial routine (I am talking cleanser, toner, facemask, moisturise – the whole shibang) and then carefully apply your make-up one stroke at a time.

8. Salted caramel everything. Even if you are going through a “I hate my body” stage – salted caramel is needed. I have fought with my body so much but do you know what – one day isn’t going to change anything so wipe your tears and eat that damn salted caramel cookie, the diet can start tomorrow.

9. Go off to somewhere you love and write down the things that are great in your life. Once you have written down everything that makes you happy think, in the grand scheme of things, is this really important?

10. Buy some flowers. Lidl and Aldi do all flowers less than anywhere else. They will cheer you up when you look at them.

11. About diets. Please stop them. It may melt the weight away for a few months but unless you make a lifestyle change nothing is going to be forever.

12. Those eyebrows though. It sounds silly but you do not realise how happy I have been since my eyebrows have been sorted. It is like there is a new light in my life – and no it is not just the sun getting past my eyebrows and into my eyes.

13. Grab a cuppa. Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water – I don’t care but do not, I repeat, do not get on it. Studies show that if you drink in a certain mood, that is the mood that will come through when you are drunk – SCIENCE.

14. Surround yourself with your favourite people. There is no need to be with people who are going to make you more unhappy. You need the people who are going to make you smile because lets face it – they are the most important.

15. Get that really bad song on that makes you really damn happy. I am one of those Let It Go and Shania Twain girls – I put them on and I immediately start singing and dancing. I even have a playlist ready.

16. Find a dog. Even if it is a massive slobbery dog that dog has a heart filled with so much love you can’t help but fall madly in love with the little guy.

17. I mean unless you like cats. Go and find a feline friend.

18. Probably not the most sensible – but you can return it later and for now it will help. Get yourself some new fancy clothes and go home and pretend you are a fancy ass bitch. Then send your friend back to return it – you want to go there next time you’re sad ok?

20. Start a memory jar. I did this and let friends put things in as well. Now when I feel upset, I take one out and read it and they always cheer me up.

21. Change your bed sheets. If you go into a groggy bed and slip between two-week old sheets it won’t help. I don’t care if you are a student – hand wash them. I have done it before and it can be hard but you know what – it is another way to take your mind off whatever is making you sad.

22. Close down all social media. I am not kidding. You are wasting time looking there for happiness. People over-exaggerate about how great their life is and whatever you do – do not write a post about how depressed and upset you are. People care – but not everyone does.

23. Stop reading my shitty advise and get out there and make yourself happy.