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Remember that holiday I went on about two months ago? Well huzzah – I am finally going to tell you all about it. I must note that I took this wee weekend trip as an actual holiday so all I have are some shaky iPhone pictures of my outfit from each night when both Greg and I had both had a couple of drinks. So they aren’t the greatest of snaps. But I couldn’t not tell you all about the place.

This holiday was one of those last minute ones that we always go on. I was taking a bit of a tantrum about the weather and the fact that I hadn’t really seen the sun in so long so when I was doing my usual Tuesday lunch time Skyscanner scroll (the best time is at 10am on a Tuesday FYI but work ya know) and there was a Ryanair flight.

At this point I would like to say that Ryanair really should sponsor me. I mean I use the brands flights every single month and I love them and well…it would just really help me out tbh.

Anyway, they don’t but that’s cool. So I was scrolling as per and there was a new city added to their usual destinations: Valencia. They have actually added a fair few new destinations but like I said not sponsored, so didn’t rememeber. Anyway, the flights were only £40 to leave on a Friday morning and come back on a Monday morning so pretty prime flights. And well, before I knew it the flights were booked and I was sending a grovelling email to ask for my absence to be approved even though it was only two weeks in advance.

Next came to accomodation. And we did have some really great ones but left it until about two days before we were going and then all the deals were gone so we went for Lolita appartments. Surprisngly, with such short notice, they were really lovely. I think it cost £200 for the three nights but the room was big enough, had a lovely bathroom, comfy as hell bed and a balcony so it was pretty much perfect for us. Also the girls who were on the front desk were so helpful and lovely.

So what we did? To be quite honest, we just walked for the first two days. We didn’t pay to see any sights, we just wanted to explore. There was a big market, similar to the famous one in Barcelona, which got me thinking is it only the UK that doesn’t do incredible big food markets like this because Bulgaria, Berlin and Copenhagen all had them…just saying. And if you know of one in Glasgow or London please tell me. I love markets.

Anyway, we saw the market and bought some food. We also ate paella and tapas because what else do you do in Spain. There are a number of beautiful squares in the city bordered by churches that seemed to have at least two weddings a day, which I adored. I lost count of the number of times I threw confetti if I am honest. I think it made our whole trip all the more romantic as well being surrounded by so much love, happiness and small heart shaped bits of paper.

On the last day, we hired bikes. A very simple thing to do if you reserve them the day before, especially during tourist season. The first shop was completely sold out and the second we went to wasn’t sure they would have any. Also your drivers license doesn’t count as id strangely. Although with some chit chat and “top banter” we managed to get them to accept it and off we went. I was a bit nervous about cycling around but actually it was absolutely fine. The city is really flat and cyclist friendly so we had no problems what so ever. There is actually cycle routes in the park and everything which means you don’t have to weave in and out of people…unless you go on a day of a run…which we did.

The park was my favourite place surprisingly. I mean we went to the beach, and while it was amazing, I was much more into the park. We came across a beautiful little market filled with fresh fruit and veg and we even got pure lemon ice lollies which made our cheeks pinch but our hearts soar and our sweat stop – lol. However being on a budget, that was all we bought from the market. We headed to a supermarket, bought a baguette and some snacks and made a wee picnic.

If you don’t know, I love picnics. There is a joke that I was brought up on them because my mum also loves a picnic and my dad loves a sandwich, but it was magical. We sat under a (kissing) tree, with our bikes perched behind us and ate an amazing picnic by a wee stream where dogs where playing. Basically, if you asked me what my perfect date would be that would be it, 100%.

For our very last dinner, we decided rather than sitting in a restaurant we would soak up the atmosphere and picked up a take away paella and pizza before heading to the main square to watch yet another wedding come out, three brides get their photos and a church congregation.

If you are looking for a wee weekend break but don’t fancy the madness of a super busy city I would highly recommend Valencia. It obviously has a lot of tourists but it is no where near as commercialised as other cities I have visited. It might be one of my favourite trips and now ranks above Barcelona to take third fav holiday with Greg. The first being New York and the second Hvar.
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