This year, I have made a little promise to myself. Okay a really big promise actually. I am going to travel somewhere at least once a month. Not only  because I really want to travel, but also because I want to prove you don’t have a lot of money to enjoy travel. Because trust me – I don’t have a lot of money. I have my editorial assistant pay check come in each month and then I wave goodbye to it as it goes out on bills and rent so this is also a bit of a challenge.

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Already I have planned the first three months which gives me a bit of time to start saving. My first trip isn’t anything too luxurious, I am heading down to London to meet my mum who is visiting family for us to have a bit of a girly weekend. She is staying with her sister (my auntie, duh) so the three of us are going to spend some time exploring new parts of the city we all know pretty darn well.

February, I have jumped on one of the boys trips. Greg is going to Copenhagen with a few of his friends, who I am also friends with. So one night when they were talking about it I suggested I go and none of them seemed to object. So I booked a flight. Hey, it makes the Airbnb cheaper and I get to explore a new city. There is no promising I will spend the time with them when we are there but I am so excited. I have never been anywhere in Denmark before, however I do have a Danish friend. Unfortunately she lives in Italy.

March is Greg’s big Christmas surprise. I have made it a bit of a tradition to buy us both a trip for his presents now. The boy never really wants or needs anything and if he does he buys himself it. Besides I can’t afford the guitar/mountain biking stuff he wants. So I booked us flights to Berlin. We go at the end of March so I am hoping it won’t be completely freezing but I am super excited to see the sights. A lot of my friends have been and I have been getting as many tips from them.

I also have a trip in October planned. This is more of a family holiday than anything else though. My parents were married on a tiny Hebridean Island, the Isle of Coll, and have booked a big house with some of our best family friends for a week so I am going too. One of the best family friends, Daniel, and myself were already planning to book a trip to Coll together because we’ve all been before and we are desperate to go back so when they said they had booked a house we were thrilled. I’m not sure if I will be able to go for the whole week yet but I cannot wait to get back there. Greg has never been so I am even more excited to share this incredibly special place of mine with him – this could mean we are super serious now. Because you know, living together and sharing your lives isn’t that serious, is it?

And then it is my wishlist of places to visit. And boy oh boy do I have a wishlist. Most of them are completely unattainable because well, money is quite a big part of the whole thing and I don’t have that many holidays. But I am going to do my very best to visit them.

So first up, France. I have been to France a grand total of two times in my life. Starting when I was 13 and went on a French exchange trip with my old school. It was really cool and the place was beautiful but I didn’t get the chance to explore that often. So I would love to go around the south of France again. The second time I went was last summer when I hopped on a plane to visit one of my dearest friends Kate who was doing a three month internship over in Paris. I would definitely like to explore more of France but I am not quite sure where yet. Wendy has explored a lot of France and I know the country means a lot to her so I might just have to pick her brain about the best places to visit.

Italy is another place I took myself a couple of years ago. I went to visit a friend which was amazing. She was living in a really small student city where we spent a couple of days while her parents were staying up in the Alps where we also spent some time. It was such a beautiful trip and I loved every second of it. I would love to go back again and explore one of the many places Greg’s dad recommends from when he lived there. And I would also really love to go to Rome. My parents were there either last year or the year before and said it was amazing, so now I want to go.

Moving on, I sort of want to go to the states. This isn’t a huge one for me, Greg really wants to go. We went to New York a few years ago which was amazing. My dad was in Chicago for the Ryder Cup though and he said I would love it so I really want to go there. And San Francisco, mainly because of Princess Diaries. Ever since seeing that all those years ago (which was 16 years ago FYI – give me a minute to spew) I have wanted to go.

Where I really want to go is Canada. I follow Samantha Ravndahl on Instagram and all of her Canada pictures give me so much envy. In particular I want to go to Vancouver and then visit Whistler while I am there. I feel like it might be a ten day or two week kind of holiday but ugh, I want to go so bad. If anyone has done it before, please let me know.

I would also love to explore some more Greek islands. When Greg and I went in summer we didn’t do a whole lot so I would like to go somewhere we can explore. I think I fancy Kefalonia because one of Greg’s friends is from there and says it is gorgeous. But there are so many stunning islands I want to visit.

Thus far, that is pretty much all I have on my list. It sounds a bit sad at the moment because there is very little thought or plan but I am not much of a planner. I obviously have the next few trips planned but after that we will see what happens. I want to try and see as much or Europe as possible this year. I mean if we are going to be kicked out (thanks Brexit) then I better God damn use my free pass while I have it. Also I have lived in Europe for what will soon be 23 years of my life and I have not seen enough of it. I am going to buy a scratch off map.

FYI Brexit fucking sucks.