Hi, my name is Jenny and I am addicted to social media. Okay not just all social media, I am addicted to Instagram. Brightening, whitening, snapping and instagramming. I am addicted. So I thought I would share my top five favourite Instagram accounts that I find myself searching and scrolling on for hours on end. FYI if you want to follow me on instagram (yes this is shameless self-promo) it’s simply JAC & THE BOX, and also I’ve linked it – ha.

So in no particular order (lol I feel like I’m kicking an islander off of Love Island) let’s make a start. Firstly, the girl who was for sure my first blogging pal, the one who I get all different kinds of envy off and the one instagram-goals kiddo that I never freaking see these days – it’s Colours and Carousels. 

Cocktails and cheeseburgers with my blogger gals ❤

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Up next, we have the woman who gives me all the freaking hair envy. Not just hair envy though, all the fricking envy. All I want to do is go for a long walk with the dogs (Max and Millie too duh) and hang out drinking blacker that black coffee. Also – I stalk her too much…it’s Helen Anderson.

Office day today. 💪🏻🌴

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Okay so the next top instagram is, and no I am not getting any ideas about having a baby, even though Wren is freaking adorable, I just really love how incredible the aesthetic of her photos are and how beaut her whole feed it. Anyway, it’s the beaut Sarah Louise Ferguson, but I know her as Brass, Buttons and Confidence.

Up next, we have the Instagram account that fills me with so much envy I kinda don’t want to like her. Like you know that way someone looks so great and then they have such great blogs and then you are just like, nope – she isn’t nice. Yeah well that’s all bullshit when it comes to this instgrammer. She is so sweet and blooming lovely – God dammit. Anyway, it’s Lucy from Florals and Corals…and no I’m not jealous of her holiday right now, you are.

And last, but bloody hell, for sure not least. This instagrammer is another Glasgow blogger – pretty much just stuck to the Scottish gals apart from Helen – and she is also the reason I got into fashion blogging. Granted I am anywhere nothing near as incredible as this blogger – jeez though a girl can dream. I just love how this feed strays from the classic monochrome feed and is bright, colourful and beautiful. Also a few months ago, we met for coffee and I officially fangirled. Right, enough blabbering – it’s Wendy from Thank Fifi. 

And there you have it, the five instagram accounts I can’t stop stalking. You may also notice that some of my photo are inspired by these incredible accounts and that is because I love them – a lot. And as promised, you can follow me on Instagram too by clicking here. Oh and here is an Instagram of when I thought I was almost better but then went out to take these photos and needed to sleep straight away. Also – my hair was supposed to be purple…somehow it’s pink?!