JAC & THE BOX | The Road Trip

Last weekend Greg and I decided to make the most of having a car and went on a wee road trip. For this road trip we had my mama’s Renault Megane which she has had for almost six years now. Fun fact, I learnt to drive in the older version of this car and it was so old we called it Gramps.

Having visited St Andrew’s every year more than I can count over the last seven years, we decided this weekend we would do the east coast of Fife and nip into places we haven’t seen before. Starting in Edinburgh, we headed over the bridge and just picked the first place that was on the map, Dalgety Bay. In reality, Greg needed a wee and they had a Tesco with a loo.

Anyway, turns out there really isn’t much there. So we turned around and headed to Aberdour where we did the naughtiest thing we have ever done and went for a wee run through a wheat field. Which got me thinking, if Theresa May did do that naked it must have been bloody agony. I had wheat in my shoes for the rest of the day so God knows where she found it.

JAC & THE BOX | The Road Trip JAC & THE BOX | The Road Trip

We continued our stroll through a wooded area before heading to Leven. There is nothing special about Leven…in fact it isn’t very nice. We made our picnic in the car, ate it and then moved on.

We then went to a beach town which to be honest, I don’t know where we were. We had gone down a single track road that was so tight I was worried about my wing mirrors the whole way only to come out at the beach at the other end. And a toilet, because Greg had to pee again.

It was a great wee beach because even though it wasn’t sunny, we could climb about all the rocks like a couple of kids on their summer holibags. The rocks went out into the sea as well and if there is one thing I like it is standing surrounded by the water and having to leap back so as to not get soaked by a wave.

JAC & THE BOX | The Road Trip

In a much more arty farty way, I love the unpredictability of the ocean. The way it slaps against the rocks and washes up little creatures. The fact it can destroy everything but still remain so beautiful. When I am older and able to afford a house somewhere I can only hope it is by the sea. With a wee wendy house or bench at the bottom of the garden for us to walk down to and sip our morning tea before going off to write in my office that looks out down to the beach. Mmm dreamy.

After this we realised we were both desperate for a cuppa and had a bit of a chill from the wind going through us. We headed back along the terrifyingly thin road praying we wouldn’t meet another car and headed for Anstruther. It wasn’t actually until we were driving past the chippy we have been to before we realised we were there though – oops.

Greg and I have been to Anstruther a few times in my mum and dad’s campervan, otherwise known as their midlife crisis (MLC for short). We stayed in between Crail and Anstruther and if you are ever looking for somewhere to go camping I couldn’t recommend this more. It is a fifteen minute walk into Antruther from the camp site and a lovely hour long beach walk to Crail. Also the campsite looks out onto the sea and well…see above about how that makes me feel.

Finally we sat in Coast (which I am sure is a rip off of Costa fyi) and had a great cup of tea and coffee before driving back to Abernethy where my parents cottage is for me to sort through my old room. This is where I had a wee cry while reading some of my letter from Uganda which I might do a post about one day. Although I might also keep them private because they are very precious to me.

JAC & THE BOX | The Road Trip

Thus concluding the east coast of Fife road trip. Our road trip however was not over because we then went berry picking on Sunday morning and as my mum always says, they probably should have measured me before I went in and when I left because man oh man did I eat too many strawberries. Then it was just the short drive back to Edinburgh for a cup of tea to end the weekend.


FYI not sposnored but Renault please feel free to do so…