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Remember last week when we all thought the world was coming to an end because of some snow? You know, those tweets everyone and their nan sent moaning that they were cold. Every single persons mum panic buying every loaf of bread available so the normal folk couldn’t get any? Honestly, there was no bread in Corstorphine in Edinburgh. No bread, at all.

Anyway, London didn’t quite shut down that bad. I did wangle an afternoon to work from home out of it, however I did about lose my fingers filming out in the snow that morning. FYI Marie Curie have a great pop up in the centre of London and you can see just how snow covered I got here. 

I cut the official snow week of the 21st century short to celebrate Greg’s birthday on Friday. Initially we were going to go away for the long weekend but of course the beast from the east ruined that.

I have to admit my personal style when it snowed cats and dogs is somewhat…homeless chic. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever looked more Shoreditch in all my six months of living and working in the area. Fluffy socks, mom jeans, oversized hoodies and slightly dirty converse – style icon you could argue.

However for Greg’s birthday, I thought I would make a bit of an effort for the day. You may remember thE dress from this post. Turns out it’s pretty great for all seasons. Also, I am growing so bored of wearing jeans every day, I love them but boy do I need a change of scenery these days.

BEAST FROM THE EAST JAC AND THE BOX BEAST FROM THE EAST JAC AND THE BOXBEAST FROM THE EAST JAC AND THE BOX BEAST FROM THE EAST JAC AND THE BOXObviously, it’d be a little bit too chilly to wear just the dress so I layered up some tights (and spanx for extra warmth – don’t judge) underneath and then my favourite, but incredibly unflattering when photographed, French Connection jumper. I don’t know why it’s so gross in photos because I feel like I look great in it. Maybe I don’t look so fab, but I feel amazing in it so meh who cares?

Dress (similar)

Jumper (similar and on sale)

Spanx (you are welcome) 


Jacket (similar)


Scarf (similar)