You may remember the first time I was a bargain hunter and I was talking about the avocado find? Yeah well those turned out to be awful.

Note to self – feel the avocado’s first. And also don’t go at the end of the market. And also never trust anyone who gives your 17 avocado’s for 50p…ever.

With the day job being so hectic, I’ve been keeping my weekends really relaxed. Mainly filled with walks in different parks and lounging around the flat and nearby markets. Which has turned this outfit into my ‘Sunday outfit’. Because for the last two Sundays I have worn this exact dress. I changed the jacket and wore a different colour of converse. But it is a bit of an echo of my overall wardrobe.

The reason the top is new, is because in the five or six basic t-shirts I brought down with me, not a single one didn’t have a hole in. So I had to buy a few things.

This dress is one I bought from New Look and altered a few months ago. It was a bargain at only £7 and it’s three sizes to big. But I love it. When I first tried it on, I really liked the fact that it was a bit longer and didn’t have a too in your face floral pattern. So then when I got it home and was twirling about in it, I decided to give it a massive slash with a pair of kitchen knives and some iron on adhesive.