I turned 24 a few weeks ago. Originally I had written this the week after my birthday and had some quip about what I’ve done in seven days, but it seems really unimportant now.

Anyway in my first however many days of being 24 I have learnt a lot about myself. Turns out I don’t really care for birthdays that much anymore. Don’t get me wrong I had a beautiful day. I woke up to a cup of tea and presents in bed, with a theatre ticket to a show I’ve wanted to see since we moved. Cakes and a card in the office. And lunch with my boyfriend up at the top of his very cool office building.

I also learnt that just because I am 24 does not mean I am any smarter. No in fact I had a bit of a tumble a mere three days after the big day and ruined my elbow. I’m talking yellows, greens, purples and swelling so big your elbow disappears into itself.

Apart from that though, I have set myself some goals. Because what is life without goals. FYI it’s pretty alright. I’ve managed 24 years without any and managed just fine.

Now it would be incredibly trendy of me to say I have 24 goals or 25 before 25. But realistically, who has and can achieve 25 goals in less than a year? So let’s go for five before 25.

1. Read, read and, you betcha, read. I write this now as I feel sorry for myself with arm in sling not reading. Aside from that though, I really want to get better at picking up a book rather than the remote.

So far I have managed three books and I have started my fourth, just got to continue with that.

2. Fitness. The word that absolutely everybody seems to throw in at least once a month on what to improve. To be honest though, I did make a start on this at the end of last year.

I joined a gym and while I have been attending, I have finally managed to start going to classes. My plan is to finally up it to three times a week. Once the elbow is back to normal anyway.

3. Be an extra at least once. This sounds daft but as a kid I wanted to be an actress and singer and I just sort of let that dream die. Obviously, I don’t plan to be the next star, but I want to live out my seven year old dreams of being on TV.

I have even signed up with an extras casting agency, but I haven’t actually clicked the confirmation email link yet. Baby steps though.

4. Stop picking. Hi, my name is Jenny and I am addicted to popping pimples. I know, it is an incredibly gross and really dirty habit. I have been trying to kick it for years but every time I feel slight anxiety, unease or discomfort coming along I turn to spots.

But my body is beginning to scar and I am incredibly embarrassed and cover it up, so it’s about time I stop.

5. The big five before 25. I want to kick my anxiety right in the arse. I have struggled with anxiety for too long now and I did once get six sessions of therapy which helped so so much.

And after one too many panic attacks of late (see above for what can happen pre and post attack), I want to start seeing a therapist again and try to fix some of those tangled wires that cause me so much bother.

There you have it. I also have a little announcement – drum roll please – I am changing up the blog. I am not the fashionista I have been badly pretending to be for the last few years. I love words, clothes and make up but I am no expert in any field. And as with most things in my life, I have no idea what I want to do with this platform that I’ve built.

Therefore I think I am going to pull the hand break on this very badly curated little platform. For now you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my daily ramblings and attempts at style.