You know when you are sitting at home and it’s a Sunday night and it’s raining so you just end up sitting there and then next thing you know you are booking time off work because lol you just booked tickets to Crete and didn’t check if you could have it off work yet but also yolo so long Glasgow?

Well that was what I did.

Thankfully I did get the time off work so today, at 2pm I am flying out to Crete. As I am writing this I have no idea where I am going to be staying or what I will be doing. I am also going to take a little holiday from social media (apart from Instagram obviously) and just enjoy spending a holiday with my best friend who I have been in a relationship with for almost six years – brb spewing.

Anyway, all the love and happiness and so long.

If you have any reccommendations of what I should do in Crete  Instagram. And of course, be sure to be following me on Instagram to catch all my holiday snaps – they are my favourite to get and I cannot wait to see my Instagram feed really brightly coloured again. Even when I was in Paris it wasn’t that summery and I forgot to snap photos. I did however make a video and might do so again for this trip. I am yet undecided.

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Anyway, short rambly post over – see you when I’m back suckas. Also I have a new post with a cute little outfit that I can’t get enough of at the moment for transitioning into Autumn.