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At this time of year, I feel like I turn into a bit of a hedgehog. When I get up in the morning I think about going back to sleep. As I am working I am thinking about how good it would be to be asleep. But when I go to bed I cannot sleep. So maybe I think like a hedgehog I’m not actually one.

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But then I got into a bit of a routine. So when Greg and I made the decision to come home for the weekend I was a bit like oh wait, hold up – I have a routine. But he wanted to go home and truthfully I was excited to see the family, so decided screw the routine. Turns out if it is simple you can take it with you.

So here are my top five ways to get the best nights sleep.

1. Take your make up off long before bed. I tend to get my face off as soon as I know I am in for the night. It immediately relaxes me to know that I can fall asleep at any time and not have to worry, “But what if I fall into a deep sleep and my skin is still plagued with the day?” I use a Nivea cleanser which helps wash the day away before applying the thickest layer of moisturiser possible to drown my face and help fight the spots.

2. Turn off your phone. Now a lot of people say turn off all electronics, but personally I disagree. One thing I do agree with is putting down my phone and ignoring social media for a few hours before I want to go to sleep. You can still watch YouTube videos and movies, but just so long as your head is not abuzz in the social world, you can be relaxed.

3. Make your bed your relax spot. I personally have an Eve Sleep mattress which is the comfiest and softest thing. It moulds to the shape of my body and makes me feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. And people say the mattress doesn’t matter but it does. If you are on an uncomfy bed you are tossing and turning. I on the other hand, am not in my Eve Sleep while snuggled up in the softest cotton sheets.

4. Get the right jammies. For me personally I love to sleep in the nude. Obviously that isn’t always possible so I go for the lightest and softest jammies I can find. I never wear trousers because my legs feel like they are suffocating. I bought these Calvin Klein ones for myself last year and they are so soft.

5. Have a cup of tea. Not a breakfast tea, unless you are into that. I am talking a soothing bedtime tea. You can now buy specific bed time teas but personally a wee mint tea or a chamomile can send me into a blissful nights sleep.


And then off you pop into that world of dreams and wonder only to wake a solid 7 hours later refreshed and ready for the day.

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