Again, I have had a hectic week but as always I have loved it. Well almost all of it anyway. There were so many wonderful things that happened and I was lucky enough to meet up and see some of my favourite people. I have spent the week smiling, laughing and…filming! Which brings me to the beginning of my Sunday Smiles.

  1. I have been daily vlogging. And I never realised how hard it was. To be honest, I knew it was going to be a challenge, and I am fairly good at editing so to sort a video it would probably only take me about half an hour but I get distracted by Bloglovin and Twitter far too much.
  2. I headed to Edinburgh (as per) and I relaxed with my granny and granddad for a bit which was so good. Granny and I were looking at old photos from her camera which Grandad has never managed to take off of his camera and was laughing away at them so it was all smiles.
  3. I GOT MILLIE. This probably shoul’ve been number one on the smiles but yes, Millie is here. My gorgeous, beautiful, fantastmigorical little angel is here to stay for a whole week. And yes, I will be instagramming and tweeting about how amazing she is so you should go and follow me.
  4. I went up Corstorphine Hill when I was in Edinburgh. Ever since I can remember, I have gone up Corstorphine Hill at least once a year. We used to go up the hill every Boxing Day but then my parents moved to Perthshire and we ended up going up a different hill – but it isn’t the same!
  5. Late night hot chocolate has become a thing for me. I met Charlotte the other night after getting way too excited on the phone. Okay so she got a milkshake because that is what Charlotte does, but I got a hot chocolate from Tinderbox and it was incrediblely yummy.
  6. It was Greg and I’s anniversary. And even though I spent the majority of the day with a hot water bottle on my tummy, he loved his gift. Now we have all the vintage vinyl playing. But don’t worry dad, I have warned him.
  7. Just Millie really. Millie has been my focus all week and it has been so perfect and magical to have her stay.

Also, I have decided that after doing a video a day for a week, or in other words daily vlogging, I am going to do a post a day – ooh.

That’s not all, I would also love to go on a follow spree, so if you are a blogger or a youtuber please tweet me your links so I can check you out. I feel like I am really lacking in variety. I can’t wait to hear from you! Tweet me at @jacandthebox – and I guess I’ll speak to you soon.