Goodbye JAC + THE BOX - realising stuff

Remember at the start of 2016 when Kylie Jenner said she was realising stuff and we all laughed? But then we all started realising that we needed to realise some stuff? And then for two and a half years, we realised that somehow, Kyle Jenner saying she was going to just realise some stuff made us realise we needed realise some things? Yeah, that’s roughly where my brain has been at the last month or so.

What originally started out as a mental break to coincide with a holiday, soon started to just become a break. And the more time that went by, the more I realised I really liked not thinking about blog posts. I really enjoyed no longer worrying about getting a post up on time. Becuase honestly, does anyone actually care if you missed a day?

In March this year, Hannah Gale spoke about the slow demise of blogging. She mentioned that less and less people come to her blog and that in reality, she makes more money from Instagram. And I am not surprised at all. If you take a break and think really hard about yourself, how often do you even scroll through instagram¬†without turning lazy and looking at Insta stories? An app that we all love to hate, and we can’t even be bothered to spend five minutes moving our thumb to scroll. Instead we sit and let the pictures and videos go past us with minimal effort.

It’s an argument I have almost weekly at work. People are really lazy on social media, it’s a fact.¬†And that isn’t because people are lazy. No, it is because all those memes about us trying to have good grades, better yourself as a person, work enough so you can get a promotion, have a hobby, see your friends, spend time with your loved ones, get the daily recommended amount of exercise, phone your parents and grandparents, arrive on time to your next destination, have sex, eat your greens, don’t let your houseplants die, get holidays and somehow get eight hours of sleep every night – well that shit is really real.

And the mounting pressure for you to not only do that but look happy doing it is astonishing. I thought I realised this just when I was on holiday last month but in reality, I probably realised it last November. I don’t want to add yet another pressure to myself. I don’t want to add ‘write blog post for an ever depleting audience’ to my already very full to-do list. And so with a sense of weight off my shoulders, I’m not going to.

At this point, it’s usually where people ramble on about their love for blogging and how they are sad to say goodbye to it. But I am not saying goodbye. I will still read my favourite blogs, Thank Fifi my main gal, and I will still scroll through Instagram (stories), I am just not going to do this anymore.

I will say a massive thanks if you made it to this somewhat rambly blog post, and a massive thanks to the brands I’ve worked with over the years. I will probably “re-brand” my social media back to my own name at some point but until then click here to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

And apart from that, thanks for following me on here and reading my ramblings for the last few years. It’s been fun!