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We all know how I feel about food. Like it isn’t a secret that I live for food. I was watching Over The Hedge the other day (because yes, adult) and the little racoon (I forget his name, he’s played by Bruce Willis though – pub quiz knowledge) said that “Animals eat to live, humans live to eat.” And I swear that is so true. Embarrassing, but true.

But lets talk Iberica.

I am going to go at this a completely non-linear way because, well we don’t always read to the end and if you don’t read this to the end then you would miss the best bit so I thought I’d fix that. Cheesecake. I actually don’t like cheesecake normally but this cheesecake. Not going to lie,  and you might find this hard to believe, but I was speechless. Greg and I literally sat in silence while we shared the cheesecake.


And it wasn’t just the cheesecake, oh no. It was the sorbet too. Something else I’m not overly keen on. I am a vanilla or pistachio ice cream kind of gal but this sorbet got me. Basically I would go to Iberica and just order the cheesecake and be happy. Thus far my death row meal is going to be GBK truffle cheese fries and this cheesecake. Because you know, that is something you need to plan out.

Anyway, lets be serious here. Iberica really is incredible. And I am not just saying that because they gave me free dinner, you know I wouldn’t. I am a pretty blunt and honest gal. It was quite literally the best meal I have had in a long long time. There was nothing that I was thinking mmm, well that’s shit.


Let me give you a more linear run through. We arrived and our coats were taken into the Narnia cupboards – seriously Narnia. I wanted to get in one but they said no.

And then we took a seat where we were served a glass of prosecco each and these ham croquette things. Side note: these would also be included in my death row meal. And arancini balls.

And then we were escourted to our dining table where we had this beautiful big lampshade over us and two giant vintage maps up. There was also a giant mirror hanging on the wall that I want. I don’t think I would be able to fit it through the door to my flat, but I want it.

After that we decided to order some drinks because already the prosecco was going to our heads and then we shared a plate of different hams and cheeses. You may remember I called Greg the Great Burger King in the past, he is also a cheese man too. Something to do with his previous high school career as a Tesco deli guy – but the man knows his cheeses so I left the selection to him.

I must also add, as an avid olive addict (it’s border line dangerous) we were also supplied with an unlimited amount of olives and I swear I was living the dream.

Finally it was time for our tapas. We ordered five in total because I was filling myself up on ham and cheese and olives. My two were, of course, fishy dishes. I had the hake and black rice with prawns and squid and oh mama both were ridiculously good. The hake was so soft and light. I am not sure what sauce it came in but regardless it was amazing. Greg wasn’t so keen but he isn’t a big fish guy so that’s fair enough. And my rice, which neither of us were sure would be good, was incredible.

Another dish for my death row meal – paella. Probably the best meal in the world. Better than anything else. I was going to order paella while we were there but they said it took 45 minutes and we were hungry and impatient.


And then there were Greg’s choice. He ordered three, mini burgers (obvs), some chicken stuff and calamari. I didn’t try the mini burgers so can’t comment and I wasn’t a fan of the chicken. I mean it was cooked fine but the taste and the texture wasn’t for me. I don’t know what it was actually but I just didn’t like it.

However, the calamari. So good. We were silent as we ate that and rather than kindly doing the polite you have it, not you have it, no you have it – we were scrambling for every last bit. Okay Greg was polite, I scrambled. What can I say? I live for food. The racoon was right.

And that was pretty much our meal. The one thing I would like to note is that Iberica is not cheap. Like at all. It is the kind of place I would probably wait until my parents go or just generally not visit. I just couldn’t afford it, which is really sad because honestly the food is amazing. I mean, it isn’t sad – you would be paying for what you get which is bloody incredible scran and impeccable service. It’s just, like I said, pricy.

But don’t forget – ham croquettes, hake, calamari and cheesecake. I don’t know how much all of that would be, but it would be perfect.

Also I have just been told that they have Christmas hampers this year that you can buy. I mean I haven’t tried them but from the images – I am hungry again and I want one. Is it wrong to put food on your letter to Santa? Jeez, that racoon was so right.

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