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As I write this, I am on the train on my way back from Edinburgh and I keep finding myself screwing up my nose endlessly at Twitter, because once again mainstream media has proved its total ignorance to the blog and YouTube industry. It is nothing new but when you attack for the girl that currently rules YouTube, you are not going to get off lightly.

Now I will be the first to admit I am a big fan of Zoella. She was one of the first YouTubers I watched and while I have never read her books or used her products, I do enjoy watching her videos and listening to her advice. But I do fail to see how she can be to blame for the lack of teenage reading. Don’t get me wrong, I do see the bare bones of that Guardian article, there is a lot less reading from younger people, myself included. And that is because video is a lot more available with the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime at just the touch of finger.

But the Guardian are “smart” and of course saying that won’t get a reaction. So they had to blame someone. And who else to pick other than a person peaking at their career and successfully generating an income from hard work. Oh don’t forget a young woman who has done it herself – because God help us if it isn’t a “her” fault.

I am not going to sit here and big up Zoella, because if you are reading this then you know what she has achieved and if not then you have likely been living under a rock. What I will say though is that the mainstream media just does not understand this industry, because that is what it is now. Journalists sit in fear that “bloggers are trying to steal their jobs” when they couldn’t be further from the truth.

I mean how many bloggers do you see out on the front line reporting on current affairs and news on their blogs and channels? I am in one of those funny positions where I do a bit of both with a day job as a journalist and a hobby as a blogger. But the two never integrate, well unless someone emails my personal email accidentally.

But it is probably why the mainstream media seem so reluctant to learn about this it all. People make a living from this, I mean they don’t stop harking on about how much a certain previously mentioned YouTuber makes as it should shock people. I mean I for one will be telling my kids to never dare go near an industry where they can be creative, learn to be be their own boss and make a living – I wouldn’t dream of it.

But it is genuinely a question I ask. And the media are not alone, every day people seem so interested in “OMG look how much this YouTuber makes from making videos in her bedroom”. And I can’t count the number of people who say they need to start a blog because “ugh you get so much free stuff”. Because obvs I pay my rent in moisturiser, these posts only take 10 minutes, editing pictures of myself when Greg has caught my double chin is a dream and constantly creating content from said bedroom, well its all a piece of cake really.

This is sarcasm. I know the online “important” outlets tends not to understand that but as a blogger I like to put a bit of humour into my personal piece-of-cake work.

So, and this is just an idea, rather than bashing and criticising the success of these young individuals who have managed to create a business (yes, business) and create a life for themselves through hard work, why not ask them how they do it. Rather than searching for information on their pay checks and spreading hateful messages, celebrate the entrepreneurial skills of those who have managed all their success from the confines of their, never unmentioned, bedrooms.

Which I suppose brings me to these outfit photos.

Scottish Blogger Jac & The Box BOOHOO

Scottish Blogger Jac & The Box BOOHOO

This is a wee collaboration with Boohoo I am doing on their Blogger X Dress Month campaign which sees bloggers styling the piece of the month in their own way. I am not yet sure if I will maybe have a few more exciting looks to style for you but this is the first and it is a shirt dress.

It is no secret how I feel about shirts, the splayed buttons and the uncomfortable: “Oops my tit has just popped a button” situations are some I never want to repeat. But this one was different. When it first arrived I was apprehensive. I had inevitably bought it in a 12 to avoid the aforementioned situation but it was huge meaning I probably could have had it in a 10 and it’ve been fine. But after styling it with my belt and for the day, I soon realised I actually love it. The big sleeves proved a wee challenge to begin with but I found a quick fold helped and actually looked pretty cool.

I am officially uncool…

Later in the evening I dressed this up with a pair of thigh high boots and a better eye make-up look for going out for dinner. I also got rid of the belt to go loosey-goosey because this lady likes food but honestly I still love it. I think I can successfully say I have now gone from a don’t come near me with a shirt girl, to hmm maybe I’ll have a look kinda gal.

And any journo wondering if this means I am now going to steal your job – I already have. *Sassy girl boss emoji*

This post contains a product sent to me for review purposes but all opinions my own.