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Admitting I am a millennial is not something I wanted to do. But then my grandad called me it when I told him I had booked a weekend trip to Amsterdam this coming weekend, and at that point I realised I couldn’t shy away from it anymore. Thanks, Allan.

It all started before the bells had even rung for 2018. At 10.30pm on the 31 December 2017, I was doing my very best to persuade Greg to let me book a trip to Barcelona for the following morning at 6am. I had found flights there was reasonably cheap and thought we could work out accommodation when we got there. Needless to say, he said no.

However after being back at work for no more than two and a half hours I got a notification on Whatsapp to say we were heading off to Amsterdam. I know, I picked a keeper. So as any savvy wannabe blogger would do, I decided to make a blog post out of it.


Now in “millennial” style, we are getting on one of the earliest flights on Saturday morning there and the latest on Sunday morning back again. So I don’t really need to think about packing too much for this trip in particular. I actually have a video you can watch about what to pack for a really short one night trip for both London and Paris.

But here is what I would take on maybe a long weekend trip, which I should book to put this into practice. Of course, all of these trips are purely in the name of research…

A cosy but chic knit

Depending on your style, you can go bright or neutral. But to be quite honest, you can always pack both. Especially if like me you do more weekend breaks during winter.

I recently bought a beautiful French Connection knit that is incredible cosy and looks beautiful. It is an autumn orange colour so it can be seen as both bright and neutral in my opinion as it would pair nicely with colour and a brighten a simple pair of skinny jeans.

Comfortable tops

I am all about the Zara basic cotton t-shirts for a fiver and would advise anybody and everybody to invest in at least one grey, white and black t-shirt. And, if you are like me, a striped tee as well.

These are great for simple layering underneath a jumper or for popping a polo neck underneath. But also there is nothing better than walking around in a cotton t-shirt in the sun.


Jeans (or dungarees)

I am currently on the search for the perfect pair of mom or boyfriend jeans so if you have any tips let me know because I think these could be the perfect kind of jeans for a weekend trip.

Otherwise my go to skinny jeans are Topshop Jamie jeans – stretchy, comfortable, high wasted and a little cropped to show the ankle. However lately, my favourite thing to wear, maybe ever, is my dungarees. They are comfortable, excellent for layers and warm. You can see how I styled them above with my trusty cons, new fancy shmancy Next jacket (similar) and striped Monki t-shirt.


Well would it be me if I travelled without converse? Probably not. When I asked someone at the work what I would wear to a royal engagement their first response was: “Not converse,” so that probably says a lot about me.

Other than converse though, I would recommend a good pair of comfy boots. I tend to reach for thigh highs these days because they can save you from wearing tights and also they just make any outfit, no matter how plain, super chic.



Right, you are away on a weekend break. I am guessing you are going to want to see a lot of the place you are in. Do not pack your lacy thong for a day of wandering. Nobody can lie to me and say that a lace thong is comfortable for a day of adventuring.

So pack it if you want to be promiscuous in the bedroom but also pack those cotton knickers your mum buys you for Christmas. Or treat yourself to some Calvin’s, ooh. We don’t have time for any discomfort, or worse, thrush. You are welcome in advance.

A cute dress

Who stays in when they are on holiday? A dress will no doubt take up less space than a two-piece in your case. Lately I have been playing around with length and I am obsessed with midi and maxi dresses. There are a few in particular that I really like, including these from Warehouse*.

Going for a bold print such as floral means that you can layer it and dress it down with the jumper and converse, but then add your boots and a dramatic eye to create the perfect night look. For extra warmth you can also layer it with a polo neck underneath to add a chic look as well as warmth.

T-shirt dress

I am a lover of t-shirt dresses (currently considering buying this Monki dress), what can I say. I know they are unflattering and I know they are much of a nothingness, but I love them. They are great for all weathers too. In the sun – you pair it with sandals or converse and in the cold you pair it with tights and boots and a cosy jumper. Win win in my opinion.

So there you are, the essentials (plus a little extra) for a weekend trip away. I am super excited for heading to Amsterdam this weekend although last time I checked the weather it was only a single degree. If you have any tips for while I am there though, please send me your suggestions.

This is a sponsored post.