NY15 DAY 1 | leathers & layers

Better late than never I suppose. When planning for my New York trip I thought carefully about what I wanted to wear and what I wanted to pair everything with. But I had never thought about the weather so a lot of it was shot to shit when I got there. I was still able to wear some of the statement pieces I had planned including my leather skirt (A-line of course) and a few other numbers that you will see over the next few posts.

After arriving at the hotel the night before we were both knackered. With neither of us bagging the window seat it was more tricky than we’d thought to get a nap. After a 10 minute walk to Times Square we stood in awe and then realised we were both far too tired to do anything other than go back and KO in bed.

After a much needed and incredibly great sleep, the boyfriend and I walked along to fifth avenue to book the Rockerfeller Centre for sunset – our romance skills are top notch across the Atlantic. It was super exciting going up and down fifth and sixth avenue. We went in and out of every shop on the way and stumbled across Trump Towers, somewhere you can’t really miss.

We spent the day walking until it was time to go up the Rockerfeller which is where we stayed for almost 3 hours. Watching the sunset, lights come on and romance spark. Cuddled up in my scarf we sat staring out the window at the New York skyline.

After an unbelievable and pretty crazy incredible night we went back down to the real world (if that’s what you can call Times Square) and went to Bubba Gumps for a super delicious dinner and cheesy American service.