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November was the month that I finally got back into blogging and felt a real burning passion for it again. It featured my first beauty review in God knows how long, a couple of outfit photos and making some new friends.

It was also filled with events, meetings and eating out but always at times when my phone had no charge or I downright forgot to take it with me. So this month isn’t as full of pictures.

JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments Getting Lost

JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November









I went along to the Oxford Street light switch on for the day job with my good friend, Allie (Rush + Teal) who also inspires me an awful lot with the old blog.

JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November








This month, the John Lewis ad was revealed featuring Moz The Monster and even though I personally thought the ad was crap, the monster is great for cuddling when you are hungover and supposed to be working…*cough*.JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November

JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November






I spoke a little about this on in a post already, but I spent quite a lot of time getting lost to feel really relaxed. This was the best time to leave my phone behind and just wander finding new places and enjoying the company of friends and my boyfriend.

It was also the time I discovered the worlds greatest hot chocolate made from freshly chopped chocolate. Let’s not talk about the fact that I spent £17 on chocolate based treats though.JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November







Before I went up to Edinburgh for a weekend I went to see Sam Smith in an intimate gig and it was the coolest event ever. 

Like I said, I then went to Edinburgh to see my family but also to take my best friend (Steen The Beautiful) out for a birthday lunch to celebrate him being oooold.)

Also above you will see a picture of a young Jenny napping with a dog, thus proving I have always been obsessed with pups and Greg should let me get one.
JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November JAC + The Box Miscellaneous Moments November

Over all a pretty fabulous month in every way. However now it is officially December and I am very much in the Christmas spirit in every single way. As I am writing this, I am about to go and buy far too many Christmas decorations and make our little home Santa’s freaking grotto.

  • Bex Smith

    Sounds like a busy November! I’d love to visit the Oxford Street Lights Switch on one year, I keep meaning to.

  • Looks like you have had a fantastic November. I wouldn’t mind a cuddle with the Moz monster

  • Sounds like a fun November! Sometimes the best times are when we leave our phones behind and aren’t worried about taking pictures 🙂

  • It’s awesome when we feel that burning passion for the blog. I am hoping I’ll get that too this month now that my sponsored work has calmed down to a manageable level and I can blog what I want to, rather than what I’m getting paid to! 🙂

  • Su Chanprasong

    It certainly looks like a fun filled month. Glad you’ve got back into blogging again now. Su x

  • jennifuchs

    I love your photos. You look so happy all the time!

  • Talya Stone

    Looks like you had a fab November – loving the picture of you hugging Moz the Monster! Classic.

  • Sounds like a memorable November ! No doubt your December will be just as jammed packed ! My house too looks like a fairy threw up – a quote from my darling 12 year old son ! But I don’t care – it is Christmas !!!

  • Lauren Porter

    Aw I bet seeing the Oxford St lights was fab! Sounds like a great month – here’s to Xmas fun! x

  • Cathryn Daws

    That hot chocolate looks incredible and now I’m thinking about how much I need one haha! It looks like a lovely month of memories.

    • Jenny

      The hot chocolate was amazing but I forgot about the rest of the £17 purchase and turns out proper chocolate goes mouldy!!

  • Rachel Stone

    Souns like you had a lovely month! So envious you got to see Sam Smith – I love his music so much!!

    • Jenny

      He was amazing!!

  • Esther Mukoro

    Seems like you had a fabulous month and a big welcome back to the blogging world. Wow! £17 on chocolate based treats….

    • Jenny

      Honestly the £17 on chocolates is a regret to this day.