Before I get into this post, I would like to take a minute silence for a few of the products you are about to see as they are no longer with us. It turns out having a puppy and thinking he is an angel on the sofa is in fact not true, as myself and my brand new (and now gone forever *sniff*) KIKO make up found out.

Regardless, I am going to do this haul post and give my review of my five minutes experience with those that cannot be with us today.


Anyway, the make-up and how I finally have my hands on some KIKO beauties. Let me talk you through it. It was a beautifully sunny Sunday. I had woken up with a slobbery kiss from the dog and was lying on the grass out the back of the flat letting him run around and play with his pal Harley – or Simba in my opinion. (he is a lion, or at least a miniature lion. I am going to try and get back into daily vlogging so he will probably feature one day, be prepared to fall in love and want one).

Anyway, I was speaking with Harley’s owner (I don’t know her name actually. Funny how I know almost every dog in my areas name but none of the owners, does anybody else have this problem?) and she was saying how she had some church thing with her kids from school (she’s a teacher – I know this but not her name) and we somehow got onto the topic of make-up and the new KIKO store on Buchanan Street.

So really I blame her entirely for the fact I am now mourning the loss of my make-up.

By the way if you are still reading well done. I still haven’t talked about the KIKO products which is the whole point of the post, soz.

So after breakfast, another walk and many more slobbery kisses from Max. I headed into town to meet my friend Andrew (my personal beauty advisor) and we went to KIKO. Let’s just say, we left with glittery hands, as many lip liner lines as wrinkles on my hand and I had a bag of these.

I tried a lot of different products from the powders to foundations and approximately 295830 different lip liners, lipsticks and eyeshadows and I came away with these beauties (RIP eyeliner and lip liner).

KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger

KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger

Let’s talk about the hardest items first (still not over it). This lip liner is the first purple lip liner I have ever bought and I did so because I really suck when it comes to applying darker lipsticks. I don’t know what it is with them but as soon as I need to put them on, they smudge all over my face and I look hilarious/ridiculous/a little bit like the joker but with darker lips. I didn’t get a chance to use it on my lips *sniff* but I did manage to try it on my hand and I am (was) really pleased with the smoothness and the difficulty to actually get it off. I bet it would have been a favourite…

And the eye liner. Okay, this was a little different for me. I had seen loads of people use white eyeliner to open up their eyes, but Andrew said to try a nude rather than pure white for a reason I can’t remember, trust right there. This was so incredibly reasonably priced (in fact everything was) so I was more than happy to get it for my first attempt. But you know – bang goes the chance of that.

Are you bored of me banging on about my loss yet? Well don’t worry, I’ll stop. Now onto the exciting products -the eye shadows. Although these look the same, the packaging, pigmentation and price were all really different – however still very reasonable. In all honesty I went in to get some matte shadows, yet somehow I left with two shimmery eye shadows, although I do love a bit of glitter.

KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger KIKO haul & review | JAC & THE BOX | Scottish fashion blogger

The cheaper one is the champagne coloured eye shadow. I wanted something I could just splash across my lid in the morning with no need to blend, no need to spend ages on my eyes and something that wasn’t super bold so could be worn every day. I think (don’t quote me on this) Andrew said this would also be a good highlighter. Well I hope he said this one because the lilac really wouldn’t be.

Speaking of which, this is my more expensive eye shadow. I think it cost me a grand total of £5.99 and considering the pigment when you touch the shadow – I ain’t complaining. I think this effect comes from it being baked, but that could be wrong. Like I said the pigment is fantastic. I am super excited to create a really nice purple smokey eye with this and my Revolution palette that I still love to bits.

If you want to see that look let me know, I will either do a blog post or a video about it – although probably a blog post.

Like I said, the pigment is gorgeous. It also has nicer packaging than the champagne coloured eye shadow. Rather than the frosted glass (plastic) effect, this one has a clear package so you can really see the shadow. It also has a curve in the shadow which I think (again – I could be wrong) means there is more shadow.

And after almost 1000 words, that is everything. I have to admit, I love (loved…still not over it) everything I bought. I also loved so much more but just couldn’t buy it all. The eye shadows are so pigmented regardless if they are £2.99 or £8.99 and I want them all. There are amazing colours so if you want to be crazy with your eyeshadow – no bother. But there are also some beautiful subtle ones. So all I am saying is get to a KIKO store. The Buchanan Street store is going to be very dangerous for me…