Fashion LIFE



Do you remember something you wanted to do when you were younger? That seemed so far from you that you sort of just gave up on? The first thing for me was to move to London. I am pretty sure if I raided my parents attic I would find the diary I first wrote that in. The second thing though, was to go to some sort of Fashion Week.

I grew up watching Sex and The City and flicking through my sisters magazines where there were girls in fabulous outfits posing on the street, seemingly snapped by strangers.

FYI turns out a lot of those people who are ‘randomly snapped’ are photographed by the people they have hired for the weekend. I saw one group of about eight and every single person had a DSLR and they were basically taking it in turns to photograph one another. That way it looked like there was a lot of interest and more photographers flocked, madness eh? Cool though, props to that team for hustling.

I also lived out another dream just last week by getting to go to the Brit Awards and it was unreal. I was so close to the stage and the O2 had the drinks flowing so the Thursday was somewhat rough for me after.

Anyway, today I thought I would share my first ever Fashion Week outfit, press pass and all.

JAC + THE BOX FIRST LFWJAC + THE BOX FIRST LFWJAC + THE BOX FIRST LFW JAC + THE BOX FIRST LFWThis is one of my proud bargain outfits that I am so so proud of. The leather jacket was a gift from LOTD and is obviously faux leather. I chose it because I was very into the fact it wasn’t just a regular black leather coat. I was considering getting a simple black jacket but I like to add colour to my outfits in the form of coats as you may or may not be able to tell.

The jumpsuit, yes it is a jumpsuit, is something I am very proud of. Firstly – it is sooooo out of my comfort zone. Clearly the triangles that are made to cover your boobies do not work for me. But I expected that so didn’t have my usual sob about it. Instead, I paired it with a long sleeved Primark tee. I did buy it in a large which means the straps are a tad too long so I am going to pull out the needle and thread and get creative to shorten them.

Why did I buy it in a large you ask? Well that would be becuase it was reduced from £69.99 all the way down to £12.99. So basically I decided if it doesn’t suit me I can sell it and make a profit.

Then obviously I could not go out without my pink babies on and the number of compliments I got was incredible. Of course I told everybody my sale story whether they wanted to hear it or not, but they really did just finish it all off.

I didn’t take a bag because contraversially, I don’t like handbags that much. They just get in the way and I cannot be arsed carrying them. I don’t feel fierce and I also don’t understand why I would need one.