Guys it has been a while since I talked boobs. Tits, boobies or jugs. Whatever you call them, whatever size you have them – they need a bra. And for those with the big ones, that can be hard. Trust me I know. I feel ya.

So a few months ago, Wacoal got in touch with me and were so incredibly kind to send me a few sets of underwear that I still haven’t quite got the courage to take pictures in.

What I was more than happy to share though was my Freya Fancies. Let me tell ya. I felt hot. Like you know when you sometimes catch yourself at a certain angle and you are like: “Damn girl, you fine.” I felt, and feel, like that whenever I am in this set.

So of course I shared the pictures on my instagram. Me casually sitting up on the sofa wearing my lil knickers and sorta see through bra. I edited the nipple out – it was too much okay. But do you know something – I felt damn good.

And I thought, lets talk about that. Underwear 100% does change your mood. It makes you feel a million dollars and can completely make or break how you look under clothes. Whether it is those big ugly hold it all in pants or a sexy set of lingerie – underwear does things to a lady. And some men, no judgement. You be you.

When I worked in lingerie, we used to always say that 70% of people are in the wrong size when the right one can make you drop a dress size. Crazy, but actually – it is true. We even did a bra fitting day where we fitted the staff and nearly all of them bar a few left in a different size feeling more confident.

But then when you are a F cup and above, it seems like the nice lingerie just stops. It is almost as if they think that because you have the chebs you don’t need to feel sexy with them.

Most lingerie brands: “Sorry mam, you have been blessed with great assets so you must hide them in ugly AF underwear.”

F cups+: “I feel horrible in my underwear, I live in granny pants and boring bras. I have no body confidence.”

Most lingerie brands: “The price you pay for the chebs, nothing we can do about that.”

Wacoal: “Bitch, step aside.”

Okay, they don’t quite say that. They don’t even show off that much. They just provide some incredible underwear.

Which brings me back to this set. When I was told there was a bralette that would fit me, I laughed. Because lol bullshit. But then I was selecting a colour and standing in front of my mirror feeling incredible.

Scottish blogger JAC & The Box talks lingerie for big boobs Scottish blogger JAC & The Box talks lingerie for big boobsScottish blogger JAC & The Box talks lingerie for big boobs

When I was selecting a colour, I was going to go for plain. A little black or maybe even white but then I thought hold up – what colour works all year round? You got it – red. I don’t know about you but I feel like red is just sexy. And that is what you want to feel in underwear right? Even those with big boobs.

And the best thing is, these little (lol they ain’t little) bralettes actually cover your boobs when you wear them. They aren’t like your ordinary Joe bralettes that you get in a large but lol that means it will be able to hold in a D boob. No they are hammocks. I got mine in a 16 because seriously, J is a struggle. Probably could have gotten a 14 but the 16 is comfy. I think regardless of the size you have there is a bralette for you.

So if you come round this Christmas, be warned I may be prancing in my joggers and red bralette with a Santa hat on. Because, well why the fuck not?

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