Fashion LIFE


There has been a bit of a break on the old blog which was very much unintentional but also unavoidable because holla you’re gal has moved to London.

That’s right, this kid is no longer kicking pebbles in Glasgow she is launching rocks in London…I have no idea what that metaphor is supposed to mean but I am going with it.

So obviously we all knew I was moving however it came about a lot faster than I thought it would because one day I was sitting watching tv in my wee Glasgow flat and then next I was closing the door to the empty shell for the last time and then a week later I was in London.

Oh and to make the move just that little bit more stressful, Greg had a trip to Copenhagen in between. I think I was only mad because I was jealous but whatever.

But yeah, I’ve moved. I’m in east London and my most exciting news (apart from the actual move) is that I got four avocado’s for 50p. I have told almost every single person I have spoken to about this because, well FOUR AVOCADO’S FOR 50P!?

Update: yesterday I got an even bigger haul of 17 avocado’s for 50p. Some aren’t edible and some are so small you’ll need two for a good sandwich but that doesn’t matter. I am living for the market on the walk home every day.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to take the break. There has been a big old mix of issues including no wifi in the flat, extremely busy schedules and the whole moving so living in leggings and baggy jumpers mostly. However I am back and this is only the first of two outfit posts to come – London has got me organising myself.

There will be a lack of my face in both though because one thing this beautiful city has given me is damn awful skin. Apparently it is the water change, but oh boy is my skin mad at me.

I went out and bought some more of The Ordinary skincare and have been trying to go make-up free as much as possible to potentially help it improve. But to be honest, it is just a bit angry. It will settle (I hope) but for the time being please forgive my make-up less and slightly red and blotchy face. I would edit the spots out but I have absolutely no idea how.

There isn’t really too much to tell you apart from that. I am going to make little weekly videos of what I am up to, starting this week. I was going to do a whole moving vlog special but I pretty much moved on the Friday and unpacked the Saturday. Then ate too much food the Sunday and then was straight into the deep end on the Monday.

This is a look I wore for London Fashion Week. I bought the jumpsuit the day before and about ten minutes before the shop closed sort of mid-tantrum. I was skeptical about the wide legged trousers, as I have been since they first became a thing about three years ago, but I love them. And becasue this jumpsuit is a wrap it is incredibly falttering on the old tatas.

I wore my prettiest Panache black lace bra too becaue every now and then, people were gifted with a little flash of it and I thought it best not to show any interviewees a grubby nude bra. To be honest, it probably isn’t very professional to show interviewees my bra at all.

Also this is not the day I wore the look. This was in fact the day after when I pulled it out of the washing basket, ran outside the flat and took some snaps and then got home. Then I was back into my leggings and baggy jumper combo.