Miscellaneous moments in March

Did anybody else feel like January lasted 927595 days and then all of a sudden you blinked and February has gone? I mean in saying that at the beginning of the month, my mum and dad were here and that again feels like it was about seven million years ago.

Of course this is also the month of lurrvvvv, but we didn’t really do anything special. In fact I think we went to see Black Panther on opening night, which was also the time I realised the cinema over the road from me is in fact Narnia. Seriously, has anyone been to the Genesis cinema? It’s huge!

It was honestly so lovely having mum and dad here. Since we have been here for nearly six months, it was nice to show them both the flat all ready and cosy and how we like it. And actually, for the first time since moving out, I have absolutely no intentions of moving. I mean I do really miss having a bath and stuff but I just love our wee home.

My plants had a bit of a disaster this month though. We said goodbye to three plants and, don’t judge me, three ivy’s. I don’t know what happened, honestly I just don’t know what happened. I am going to blame the weather. It was definitely not my fault, 100% the weather.

Miscellaneous moments in March Miscellaneous moments in MarchMiscellaneous moments in March

I had a lot of picnic dinners, which is my fav kind of dinner to have. I mean we have a dining table which I have shown in this post, but it seems we only ever use it for jigsaws. I had some pals (Lucy and Kate before Kate moans about lack of credit again) and even then we sat on the floor and had a picnic dinner. Lucy and I also went to the Benefit launch at the beginning of the month, which was great fun.

Oh bloody hell, I almost forgot the most exciting part. I didn’t only go to LFW (read all about it…) I WENT TO THE BRITS.

Miscellaneous moments in March Miscellaneous moments in March Miscellaneous moments in March

It was with work and I was incredibly jealous when the three other girls had tickets so when Katie turned round and said she had a plus one for me I almost cried. Honestly, I was so ridiculously excited. I got the hiccups twice. Twice. 

And finally, I interviewed a dog for work – that was weird but the dog was so cute so ah well. And obviously there was a snow storm but we all know about that. Anyway, here are the actual miscellaneous posts that I don’t know what to say about.

Miscellaneous moments in March Miscellaneous moments in MarchMiscellaneous moments in MarchMiscellaneous moments in March Miscellaneous moments in March

Okay and now for one of my favourite parts of this monthly series, I am going to share my favourite bits and bobs from the month.

Honestly, I have not really read a lot of blog posts this month, in all honesty, I’ve only really read a couple recently from Megan Ellaby, I especially liked the one about crayola brights and then her video about clashing colours and prints was equally as inspiring.

I have been loving Instagram again though, and I honestly if I don’t take this time to big up the two Bex’s of my feed then it would be seriously criminal. One is an Edinburgh babe that is just a style god damn icon and the other is a Hull based gal who is a designer as well as a blogger.

We finally got our tv down to London but of course we don’t have a stand so we’ve balanced it on some old magazines and, you guessed it, jigsaws.

And the last thing for this month, is my new found addiction to diet coke. Yeah, thanks for that Katie. I have been drinking about a can a day all month. Let’s just say I am glad I started enjoying the gym again because I have been enjoying so many sweet treats this year.