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For me, spring is the best. For one, my birthday is in spring, as is Greg’s. And for the second year I have bought him a trip which means I also get a “spring break” of sorts. It is also means picnics can happen again and there are lighter nights, so basically it is the best.

So when I noticed the sun splitting the trees one morning, I pulled out my light blue smock dress that I bought this time last year and popped it on. Now this dress really isn’t that warm, so I also threw on a Primark jumper that is literally the softest thing but only cost £6. And a thin summer-esque jacket to complete the look and I felt great.

LOOKING THIN | Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger JAC & THE BOX LOOKING THIN | Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger JAC & THE BOX

Then when Greg was taking these pictures of me (because he’s pretty great that way) I realised that the outfit was not that flattering. And I almost deleted them. That was until I got back to the office and spotted a piece on Hannah Gale’s blog about not dressing to look thin. She said: “What does bug the bejesus out of me is this idea that we have to dress to make ourselves look thinner.” And it really got me thinking.

Why is it that, although I was comfy, I really liked the way my outfit looks, I wasn’t going to post it because it doesn’t make me thinner or show off my body?

And furthermore, why would I want to always show off my body? I have one of those hourglass figures where my hips stick out and my boobs, well we know what they are like, so if I was to dress this shape then I would, from the endless scrolling I’ve done on Pinterest and Instagram, have to wear a tight dress. And I don’t want to do that.
LOOKING THIN | Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger JAC & THE BOX LOOKING THIN | Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger JAC & THE BOX

Now I know what I look like naked. I spoke about this a while ago, I now spend a bit of time looking at and praising my body every day and it has boosted my confidence so I know that I look good.

I know, shock horror that I say I like my body. But I do. Obviously there are parts I would love to live without, but overall – it hasn’t failed me yet and I like it.

But after reading the post on Hannah’s blog, I realised that screw feeling bad about the way my  clothes make me look. I am going to wear this outfit and talk about how great it did make me feel.

So yeah, long story short, here is my outfit and I really like it. I felt confident because my pins were out and for some reason look really tanned.

  • You look so comfortable! This is an outfit I’d want to give you a hug in for sure, you look really young and sweet.

    As for body confidence, well… I’ll be posting a full-length pic of me in a swimsuit next week. At first I was really nervous about doing so, but I was so bloody happy at the time and my thighs are fucking glorious so who cares.


    • Jenny

      It is one of my favs for that reason exactly! Also I felt a wee bit like a kid in my outfit for the park ha.

      I cannot wait to see it. You are glorious.


  • You look awesome- you can see your confidence and it really sets off your outfit. I never go out pins out- I’ll always go for nude tights and knee length, because I hated my thighs- but last year I put on a lot of weight, nothing would shift it and eventually I just went “fuck it” and went out in a short skirt and bare legs. I was on holiday, no one would see it anyway and I actually felt….. good???


  • You look great – when I first started to read this post, having looked at the outfit pics, your weight or how you look in that regards was not on my mind! I was too busy thinking, ‘oh wonder if I can style my camo jacket that way’. That’s what outfit posts should be about – the inspo, rather than judgement. And any reader thinking about weight or even yourself is coming at the blogger industry from the wrong end of the stick! You look great!

    Ruth //