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Living with your other half PART 1 | INTERIORS

The other day, I found myself sitting in the office at work with my friend and we couldn’t stop laughing. And for once it wasn’t at me, but at our partners. More to the point, the things that they do and that we have learnt since living with them. Last year I lived with boys so I thought nothing would surprise me but now I live with the boyfriend and it is a whole other kettle of fish.

At the end of August in 2014, the boyfriend and I found ourselves arguing about what bed cover would look best in our bedroom. We had taken the leap and decided to live together. This wasn’t without problems of course. Firstly we had to find a flat which didn’t go without a hitch and then we had to fill it. Now as much as we love one another, our interior preferences are very different.


Seen as we are renting, we weren’t allowed to do too much to the flat. However I love cushions. I previously wrote about my addiction for cushion covers and how much they mean to me – the boyfriend isn’t a fan. Known to throw them all off of the sofa telling me he can’t get comfy with them and then forget about them for days while I look desperately at him to get them back – to which no avail. That is until he runs off to the toilet and I run to rescue my cushions and put them back home on the sofa along with their friend the blanket.

The walls have also caused us the odd argument. As a travel addict I needed to have my map up and as a metal music addict he had to have his Jagermeister flag captured at a gig up. I wanted some cool, indie travel photos and post cards from various countries I had visited while he demands his gig tickets. We ended the raised-voices discussion with an agreement to have a wall each to which we can do what we want, well to a degree.

I have to admit, walking into the flat it is very obvious that I live here. With a giant African tapestry on the hall wall and cushions, shoes and make-up dotted everywhere. Don’t worry, it isn’t all Africa and girly. We have a red (the boyfriends favourite colour) tartan duvet cover rather than my preferred white, old movie posters on the opposite hall wall, a guitar sitting next to the sofa, Top Gear on the TV more often than not and more aftershaves than perfumes – is that even legal?

Overall, I like to think the interior is very mutual and that we have our fair share but lets be honest, it is has the obvious feminine touch. My argument to this – how many homes shared by a boy and a girl does not have that obvious feminitny to it? And, how many boys love it really? Afterall, nobody wants bare walls.

I have called this PART 1 because the hilarity with my friend went on for a good few days. Noticing different things without trying and reporting back straight away. Have you noticed anything since living with your other half that you never thought of?