From today (well at least the day of me writing this) it is four weeks until I start my job in London. As of yet, I don’t know where I will be living or when I will be moving into this mystical somewhere. A guy in work said it’ll make great blog content though so I am going to call it JAC & The (cardboard) Box. Good eh?

What I have done though in the last month while ignoring the fact I need to pack up my home and life in Glasgow, is feel an awful lot. I am a big ball of emotions right now.

If you had asked me six months ago when was the last time you cried I wouldn’t be able to tell you. However if you ask me it now it is more likely than not in the last hour or so.

Like I said, a big ball of emotions.

I mean I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. I rarely hide how I feel, it’s like I have the opposite of a poker face. Don’t know what that is called but I have it.

It’s strange. Over the last four years, Glasgow has been my home. I have talked about it already but I have moved a fair amount in my life. I went from one area in Edinburgh to another. Then to Perth, then Uganda (just a wee trip) and finally Glasgow. I mean I say finally, that is where I am now. But only for four more weeks.

Actually three because our lease is up at the end of this month.

That is another strange thing. Although we are moving out at the end of August, friends of ours are moving in. So we are going to go back one day and we won’t be able to call it our home. Because in three shorts weeks it won’t be – it’ll be theirs.

The place that we have made memories, had messy nights, hosted parties, celebrated occasions and had the best time with our favourite people – it won’t be ours anymore.

It’s weird, that’s my (rented) home.

Speaking of homes – my mum and dad are renting out the wee cottage I lived in while at school. Even more strangers in another home of mine. Although, that doesn’t really feel like home anymore.

It feels like familiarity. Somewhere I definitely know and have made memories there but it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. I suppose that’s the whole thing with moving a lot. So while it is strange that people will be staying in my home, it isn’t awful.

I think I am just upset because I really like the bed in the cottage. I love it actually. I love all the furniture in my room. Because I picked it and it was perhaps the best interior choice I have made.

FYI if you are looking for somewhere to stay I highly recommend the cottage for a wee family get away or romantic trip to the countryside…it homes four great beds. But mine was the best. The wallpaper in my room is questionable but that was dads choice when he couldn’t find the one I had asked for originally. It also has a great mirror. I might ask for that mirror though because it really is great. That was my choice.

Okay I don’t know where I was going with this. Just sort of fancied a bit of a word vomity kind of post. I don’t know if my message was clear enough but I AM EMOTIONAL.

Anyway, if you made it this far then give yourself a pat on the back because it is long and like I said – word vomit. Although I am now listening to Dodie and crying again. Lol @ u life.