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Now I know what you are thinking: “Jenny, where is your orange jacket that you never seem to take it off?” Well let me tell you, you know that way when you are pretending it is summer even though it isn’t? Well that has been me for the last two weeks. I have been trying to go out with bare legs, throwing on my denim jacket and I have basically just been dressing for the wrong season. Basically I am fed up of it being winter.

And not because I have anything against winter, no I actually love it right up until about mid-January. Then I am fed up of it. And spring has always been my favourite season. It reminds me of holidays with my family and it getting lighter and omg my birthday.

FYI a month today until my birthday. In other words, a month today (ish) until the family all come round and we eat loads of food. I bloody love food.

Anyway, this look was inspired by spring. But also keeping winter in mind, because it wouldn’t let me get away with bare legs or without a jumper.

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The pink jumper is from Primark, and I originally bought it in the grey but then loved it and wore it so much I thought it was only right to invest in another colour as well. I feel like although it is still really wintery it is also a bit more of a spring jumper because its pink. In my head this is a spring jumper. Don’t argue with me.

The skirt is an absolute favourite. I try to style everything around it even when I know it is too cold. It sticks to my favourite monochrome colour scheme but has a bit of zazzy pattern on it. Yes I said zazzy. Yes I feel ridiculously uncool again.

And would it even be an outfit post if either my converse or denim coat didn’t make it in? And for this one we get a double whammy.