I should probably apologise for this post taking so long. Considering I received these extensions over two, maybe three, months ago, it’s sort of crazy that I am only just getting the story up now. However, I am getting it up so et viola – my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions review.

The last time I actually owned any extensions was approximately 10 years ago. I had just started in high school and I went to Sally’s with a friend at the time. I had horribly thin hair and it was short so they were really easy to style. Although, I definitely did not buy enough because I looked ridiculous. And I mean, if I look back at the photos when I wore those extensions I had much bigger things to worry about.

I used to be that kid that wore odd converse, multi-coloured eye shadow and purposely chipped nail varnish. Not quite emo or scene – just…weird.

So when I received the email to try out the Irresistible Me extensions I was kind of excited. Especially because I had, despite the boyfriends comments, wanted to cut my hair short so this would give me the best of both worlds.

I went for the longest length in the end. I did hum and haw but I came to the conclusion that I can cut them but I can’t grow them. And to be fair, I definitely need to cut them. They are too long and look really odd with my new haircut…which definitely needs an update so hit me up if anybody wants to cut my hair…or dye it pink…I want to be pink or lilac for summer I’ve decided.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review | Scottish Blogger JAC & THE BOX Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review | Scottish Blogger JAC & THE BOX Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review | Scottish Blogger JAC & THE BOX Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review | Scottish Blogger JAC & THE BOX

Anyway, the extensions feel like real hair, not super luscious soft normal hair – but they feel soft enough. They kind of feel like three day old hair that could do with a wash but it isn’t essential. The hair that you can style any way you fancy and it still looks good. You get four two clips, two three clips, two one clips and one massive weave type thing – so you get loads of hair. 

But it doesn’t match my hair. I was advised in selecting my colour but its very obvious in the colour change what is my hair and what is extensions. It doesn’t help my hair colour changes pretty much every time I wash it. Please don’t ask me how, because I do not know, it just does.

Now, there is another issue – my hair has really changed since I was 12 years old and first bought extensions – it is now ridiculously thick. I used to get upset about how thin my hair was but now it is uncontrollably thick.  So styling in extensions, that are fairly neat is quite tricky. So my way around that is to wear them as braids.

With my hair now being short, my braids resemble those that mums give their year old daughter who still has a basically bald head – in other words a joke and. Which is why I much prefer to clip in my extensions and create braids with them.

I might still go and get them cut in nicely by a hairdresser to clip in and give the illusion of super long and luscious hair – but for now my Irresistable Me hair extensions are purely being used to create braids and to make me feel like I am Beyonce in Lemonade while wearing my gym gear feeling jealous of Becky with the good hair.

…yes I really did just try to make a cool joke but I failed, ugh.

Have you ever tried hair extensions? Be sure to tweet me how I could actually style these to @jacandthebox. 

This was a collaboration with Irresistable Me. To find out more check out my Contact Page.