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Last week I was in London with the day job. However I didn’t just do day job things, oh no. I was offered the pretty cool opportunity to head along to Ibis Lates, a collaboration between Ibis Hotels and The Roundhouse. Now before we get into this I am going to be totally straight with you – I got a free nights stay at the hotel as well as a banging (hangover lol) breakfast along with being able to attend this event. But I wasn’t paid to say this and right now for all they know I am about to give a rotten review.

But I’m not. Not even a little bit bad because I don’t know where I could fault anything. Apart from the tube ride getting there but that was really me just being warm, tired and grumpy and nothing to do with them.

So upon arrival I was given my card to my room on the ninth floor. I repeat, the ninth floor. Thankfully, there was a lift. So I got the lift up and collapsed on my bed for approximately 30 seconds before having a quick Dundee shower (spraying deodorant on the pits), touching up my make-up, changing my top and running back downstairs to be greeted with a cocktail.

And well, then a few more cocktails. Over all the night was pretty freaking cool. I met so many amazing bloggers and YouTubers. Some I know of, some I only just discovered. And now must refrain from commenting on everywhere because I don’t want to be a stalker. But I am.


IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0046

But that’s not what we are here to discuss. No today we are going to talk about the magical Ibis Lates. Lets just say I think my music taste has changed. Jay Johnson, a busker from London quite literally stunned me into silence. I didn’t touch my gin (which is madness) nor could I peel my eyes away from his way with the guitar. His hands and fingers were moving so fast I would be happy to believe it wasn’t actually one instrument. I had expected Jay to be good from the snippets I had listened to previously. But I never expected him to be that good.

As well as Jay, there was Soma Band. Now I was told the next morning over breakfast that the band had in actual fact only come together at Roundhouse. They had all been individual musicians but then through jamming found that they created a magical sound together and thus created Soma. Now when I say magical – I am talking should I dance, rave or just stand in awe? I couldn’t decide what to do. But let me tell you, my music taste may have changed after this.

And then came Estee Blu. I had listened to the couple of songs Estee has on YouTube a few times so was super excited to hear what she would produce. And lets just say she didn’t let me down. My only regret is not spending more time watching her.

Unfortunately my long day and tired eyes prevented me from hearing DJ Nikita Chauhan however I heard that the set was spectacular and from the various Instagram stories that it was grand.

And finally. Because yes, this rambly post is coming to an end. You are welcome. Lets have a quick chat about the hotel. Holy shit, Ibis hotel beds are fucking comfy. I did not want to get up and at em that morning. I don’t know if it was because I was particularly tired or what but I KOed that night.

IMG_0075 IMG_0071

But alas, I did have to get up. I won’t lie, I’ve wanted to use alas since Allie tweeted me saying it. Anyway, I didn’t really mind getting up though because as I glanced from my bed out the window to the busy London, I saw the sun come up. Now if that doesn’t sum up my trip with Ibis Hotels then I don’t know what will. Perfection.

This post was a review of a complimentary experience, read my disclaimer for more information.