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JAC & THE BOX is 23

Fuck. I am 23. Lol sorry mum for starting with a swear word.

But also holy crapolli I am 23. When I was little I looked at girls that were 23 and fully expected them to have their shit together. They were adults and they were grown up and they knew what they were going to be doing with their life. And then now I am 23 and hey, hows it going? I ate coco-pops for dinner the other night and sometimes need to call my dad because I don’t understand taxes.

I also like to wear dungarees and chase dogs in parks. I still love to climb trees and alcohol still smells funky AF. I forget what I am doing as soon as I walk into a room and I still like to climb on things that I’m not allowed. I still get bruises and have no idea where they are from. I am still trying to ride a pennyboard without falling off (most of the bruises come from that).

I still sometimes cry when I don’t get my way. And I still take huffs. I still need naps. I still like singing and dancing to music and not caring who is looking. I still prefer to be naked than being dressed. I still prefer converse to high heels. I still get really excited about little things. I still don’t know what I am doing and I still don’t care.

Lol being 23 isn’t really that much different from being nine I guess. And I loved being nine. But seriously, 23 years old is not adult. In fact what does adult even mean? I will look it up.

“Adult: a person who is fully grown or developed.”

Well considering Greg told me the other night I have never had a growth spurt I don’t know if I am fully developed. I hope my boobs are fully developed. Christ imagine they grew more.

Anyway, I am 23 today. And that is terrifying. So here is one of my favourite outfits from the last month of being 22 (sob).

JAC & THE BOX is 23 JAC & THE BOX is 23 JAC & THE BOX is 23

Dungarees – ASOS | Top – Primark | Converse – Schuh (similar but I want them) | Coat – Primark

Yip, those are dungarees that are slightly too big for me. And those are pink sparkley converse. And yes some of that big smile is because a dog was walking towards me and that meant I was going to get to cuddle it. And yes, if you zoom in really close, that is a chocolate stain down the front from when I dropped a bit and forgot.

Ah heck, adulting.