JAC & THE BOX home - living space

I didn’t know what to call this post if I am completely honest. I call the living room the living room but other people call it the lounge and then our living room is attached to the kitchen so I didn’t know what to call it. Just wanted to clear that up before we got on with the post.

Anyway welcome to my home, or the space I will call home for the next two weeksish. God that is scary.

But I won’t reminisce again because you can catch that here, no today I thought I would introduce you to my favourite space in this flat. It has seen many a party and fort – both equally as fabulous.

Lets start with the kitchen. I took these while I was making a wee bolognaise and also roasting a chicken because alas, I am a domestic goddess. Or I just wanted to use alas – your choice. I also added my blog to make it look like I was creeping on myself but in actual fact I was watching old Graham Norton interviews on YouTube.

The kitchen is pretty small and really old. I don’t actually like it all that much and had I owned this place I would most definitely have ripped it out and replaced it all. However it worked and that is all I needed. And I am very proud to have a clean oven which was done using that really powerful oven cleaner stuff that puts holes in clothes (rip a pair of my fav jeans).

We put this metal bar in above the sink try and fill the kitchen out a bit more. The wall was really bland but I didn’t want a picture there and we already had a clock. So now we display mugs, our wooden chopping board and our fake plant proudly.

The random shelves are basically where store stuff we use every day but you don’t think about. We also have cookbooks and some random mess that we don’t know what to do with. Like the squishy bottles we have used to sneek booze into some events and napkins that we are definitely not fancy enough to use.

The table is named Arlo and bless his soul he might get to stay in this dreamy space if our friends who are moving in here want to buy him. We bought him from Next and he is the dreamiest wee fella but how the heck do you take a table on the train?! The chairs are actually my bosses so shoutout to him for letting our short term borrowing turn into a long term situ. I promise I will return them before we leave.

We also have a wee cosy corner where I have sat for the last month or so reading the Harry Potter series and sobbing my way through it. We have a record player that I got Greg a couple of years ago for our five year anniversary with loads of old records from my dad and some newer ones we have bought in between. Nothing beats Led Zepplin on vinyl – don’t even try to question it.

Quite often in the evenings I will find Greg in the cosy corner playing beautifully intricate music on the guitar and it is incredible to watch.

Anyway, I think my favourite thing about the living space is the fact that we are completely surrounded by windows and natural light that reflects shadows everywhere. Although the last four months the view has been hindered by the scaffolding which is a pain but also a blessing as it definitely made cleaning the windows a lot easier.

There is also the fairy light wall covered with polariods used to be on one of the pillars between the windows but then I saw this cool way on Pinterest. It is most definitely the coolest thing I have done in the flat I think. I love the fact that we have the fairy lights for decoration and mood lighting but that they are covered with memories from adventures, parties, days with friends and God knows what else for people to look at.

And that my friends, is the living place of Greg and Jenny. This has been a loooong post but I really want a wee house tour of this flat before we leave. I have loved every second in this flat and really am quite sad to leave it. Because I like trilogies (you can see from the ‘living with a boy’ series) I am going to have two more home tour posts coming before we go but until then, I am going to sip tea and look out the window.