Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX

There are days we wake up and feel incredible about ourselves. But there are also days that we just don’t. And the night before shooting this outfit I ate a big bowl of garlicy delicious pasta (something I’ve not done in a long time) and then had a big old sugary cupcake. So the next morning, as I expected, my tummy welcomed me by looking three months preggo and cramping.

It had kind of started the night before which resulted in Greg and I going on a late night walk in our jammies to try and you know, release the bloat (fart).

But I had told myself I wanted to get an outfit shoot the following morning to schedule this very post to go live while I was in Berlin. I’m in Berlin right now – have you noticed on my social media? If not are you following me?

Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX Feeling the bloat | JAC & THE BOX

Jeans – Matalan | Top – H&M | Shoes – Tesco (sold out waa but similar) | Jacket – H&M (old but love this) | Bag – Jane Shilton

Anyway, this outfit is pretty much my go to when I am feeling a little sluggish with my body. My Matalan boyfriend jeans have because my go to when I just feel a bit meh. They make me feel comfortable and a whole lot more confident when I feel a bit like a balloon.

Usually I would pair them with a long sleeved top or I would at least tuck the top I am wearing in but I honestly just didn’t feel that great so decided to let it flow. And actually, I really liked it.

I paired it with a pair of summer shoes, because it is meant to be spring despite being so god damn cold and snowing (?!) the other day and my leather jacket. Little did you know there was a scarf tucked into this bag that I put on as soon as we finished shooting.

I also pulled out my old Jane Shilton bag that I got for my 21st birthday. I don’t know why I haven’t used it so much because I bloody love it. There is this gorgeous blue lining to it that I am obsessed with.

I also want to note my make up. I am going to get a post up really soon about a few foundations I have been trying but my face I am loving at the moment. I have found that I don’t really suit red lipstick that much so instead of just going straight in with it, I have been applying a really thin layer of it with a lip brush and huzzah I blooming love it. I have also been doing eye liner again after basically seeing a Facebook video on how to do it (anybody else spend too long watching little Nifty or Tasty videos?) so yeah. I am loving my face. Not so much my hair. I slept with braids in and then it was windy so I ended up with a bloody afro which does not suit my pea head.

So what do you think? Also I am genuinely in Berlin so please come say hi on my Instagram and show it some love. Also it is my birthday in three days…wtf?!