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Ace Hotel Grey City JAC + The Box

London is renowned for being a concrete jungle, the grey city some would say. And apparently on this particular day, I was very with the theme and greyed myself out to match the background.

A colleague of mine actually took these snaps on a break from a judging of one of our awards. I was utterly astounded by the views from Ace Hotel and the beauty of the hotel that as soon as we had a spare couple of minutes I grabbed her and pleaded for her to get some.

I was actually reading lately in my new Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba that the Ace Hotel is one of the great spots in the city to go and work if you are a freelance creative. I have not yet had the pleasure to do so, but I am hoping that I will be able to head along and hopefully meet some other likeminded creative ladies.

I am sort of sad that I now live in London so don’t really have any reason to ever stay in the hotel. From what I have seen so far, the bathrooms are lovely and the working spaces are beautiful. We were in one of the top corner rooms that looked out over the entire city on a view similar to that in these pics.

On this particular day, I took the outfit photos on a whim for an Instagram, but because I really liked my outfit and the view is outstanding, I thought I’d share it on here too. This is also sort of a show that not every picture needs to be perfectly planned.

The grey city JAC + The Box The grey city JAC + The Box The grey city JAC + The Box The grey city JAC + The Box

Shoes – Topshop (sold out, similar) | Jumper – French Connection | Jeans – Topshop Jamie jeans (as always)

This is one of my go to outfits when I need to look smart but also stay warm and still be comfy. And I mean, that is quite a lot to fit into one look. And for a girl who never steers away from classic Converse – it’s also really hard to do.

This is one of two jumpers from French Connection that I own. Both identical in shape and length but one is grey and the other is white. I bought the white to begin but then found the grey online, further reduced. Basically I had no choice. The jumpers started at £75 and I managed to get both for under £60 in total. See, no choice.

They grey is probably my favourite out of the two. Firstly I match with my grey city, and second it doesn’t show up my inevitable spills as much. Paired with my go to black Jamie jeans from Topshop and also my first pair of Topshop shoes. These little gems were also on sale, so shoutout to Hannah Gale for letting me know that. I have no idea what the original price was but I got them for £20 and they are that perfect height that you can walk all day in them so they are comfy. And also their shape isn’t exactly what you would expect thus making a black heeled shoe a bit more exciting.