Last week I had my favourite lady with me. She loves to explore Glasgow by night and her name is Millie. We like to show off just how much we are best friends. We cuddle for hours while watching Netflix series, share funny stories and sometimes roll about laughing on the floor. But there is one thing this gorgeous girl needs, and it’s plenty of walks. That’s right Millie is my puppy.

But that meant heading out into the dark to discover the “dangerous city” in order to keep her happy. Now, I don’t mean to undermine my parents, defy the police or let anyone down but all I found on my late night wanderings were fabulous drunk singers, a few freaky seagulls and one beautiful city.
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There is this thing that I have had drilled into me since I was little. Never go out alone at night. And with the news coverage of all the girls who go missing, I understand the fears people have. But I also like to give people, places and things the benefit of the doubt.

On my walks I had many drunk men and women coming over to see Millie or talk about their lives. I had one man act like a spy and tell me he would keep me safe until I said so – which I played along happily with until Millie growled and we decided the mission had been accomplished and I found a few protective seagulls swooping at my bounding pooch as she sniffed at their nests.

Shoes – H&M | Trousers – Zara | Top – Zara | Jacket – Marks & Spencers | Mug – Camden Market

The perception that cities by night are dangerous should never be forgotten. Like I said people do go missing and bad things do happen. But good things happen as well. I am lucky enough to have a protective pooch and a walking partner so I felt super safe (and if I didn’t my friends got phone calls). However, by living with our eyes open but our minds closed we miss things.