We all have those days when we say we are never going to drink again, and then before we know it our friends have persuaded us to go to the party and you’re battling a hangover the next day. But like I said before, I feel like if I say something on here it tends to stick better, and this needs to stick.


I have lost count of the number of times where I have felt anxious when out having a drink, or worse having a panic attack, and then feeling even worse the next day and I am fed up of it. I ended up driving almost every day over the Christmas break so never really had a chance to drink and it meant that I felt fantastic. I did, of course, have a drink over New Year and went on one night out, which both ended with me spending the next day in bed all day and thus wasting it – something I really want to stop doing.

Of course, there is more than just the fact that I can’t cope with hangovers to why I want to quit drinking. Let’s start with the panic attacks for one of the very big and main reasons. Anybody who has had or suffers from panic attacks will know they are simply terrifying. And that is when you are sober so add booze to the fire and it becomes ten times worse. Not only is it terrifying and ruins a night, it is also incredibly embarrassing. And one way to try to counteract this from happening is to stop drinking or at least getting drunk.

There is also the added “health” side to stopping drinking. Recently I weighed myself (yes number don’t mean anything, but they do upset me sometimes) and I am currently at my heaviest. Apart from cutting out crisps, trying to sleep a bit more and stop late night snacking I realised that booze was the most calorific thing in my diet. Who knows, maybe I will lose some of the weight and rather than looking in the mirror with a grimace, I can look with a smile.

That being said, I don’t have a single issue with drinking or regret any of my drunken nights. Yes, I have done some embarrassing things and gotten into some stupid fights that I regret too late, but at the end of the day I have learnt from it all. I will more than likely still go for nights out and have just as many laughs as always, but I will just remember them all a little bit more clearly and feel a lot less anxious as well. Of course, I might have a glass of champers to celebrate something, but as for getting drunk – that’s gone.


  • Panic attacks are so awful, if you tend to get them when drinking that would be reason enough to never drink again. I hope you manage to cut down successfully 🙂

    • JAC

      I have done really well. I had a drink to celebrate the new flat but that was it 🙂

  • Christina

    Good lass. You’ll be your old self really soon. X

  • I never had a panic attack while drunk but I do find the next few days are full for anxiety and plenty more panic attacks are involved. Quitting or at least seriously limiting the booze is very beneficial when learning to managed anxiety. Good luck, you’ll feel so much better for it. After 10 years dry (besides 1 or 2 nights a year) I am now able to drink socially (once a month now sometimes less often) and function but only because I have my panic attacks under control.

    • JAC

      For me it is both when I am drunk and the next few days after so I just decided to cut it all out. I was sick of getting in such a state and ruining my nights

  • BeautyandTheBoy

    I always find my anxiety is always worse when i drink or when im drunk so i tend not to do it

    • JAC

      It has been surprisingly easy not to drink. I haven’t been out the whole month of January!


  • Sounds like a really positive change lovely. I don’t really drink that much either – that’s the joy of getting older. No need to do something you don’t really like just because everybody else does.

    Although I do love a good cocktail 🙂

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    • JAC

      It has been fantastic so far! I think it really does help not drinking when my anxiety is so bad, uni is definitely the worst thing for it though!

      Oh hell girl, we need to go and try out all the cocktail in the bars around my new flat! X