kiehls brand focus jac and the box review

It is brand focus time and the brand I am focusing on is Kiehls. A brand that I have toyed with on and off for the last few years. I always end up trying the wrong products and vowing never to use them every again. But alas, I have finally found the combination that works for me.

I actually started going back to Kiehls when my boyfriends skin was bad. He was in dire need of a good eye cream when his eczema was really playing up so I dragged him into Kiehls and when he refused to fork out for something I bought the avocado eye cream knowing fine well that it would help him. And to prove a point that I had paid for it therefore it is mine, despite the fact I bought it just to be able to say ‘I told you so’, I used it.

kiehls brand focus jac and the box review

Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

It is an incredibly thick and nourishing texture and at first I was a little bit scared of it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to suit my skin since I break out pretty much all the time because of oily/filled pores, but I love it. I was finding my eyes were feeling kind of itchy and tight, especially when I came out of the shower or took my make-up off. However since using this eye cream, my eyes feel a lot less tender. Also it reduces redness quite quickly because of its green colour, which my boyfriend has found a real saviour.

Ultra Facial Cream

While I have pretty bad skin for breaking out, I also find that my skin is very prone to feeling tight and uncomfortable especially towards the end of a very long and busy day. It made me realise that my moisturiser that I was reaching for was obviously not very long lasting, bringing my adoration for Clinique Moisture Surge to an end. Bringing this bad boy into my life. It is exactly what it says on the tin, ultra. The fact that I can use it and not break out and Greg can use it and it nourishes his eczema means it must just be magic. It isn’t really thick however it feels like it sinks into the skin and really gets deep. I personally don’t use the one with SPF but that is purely because Greg and I are sharing and we think he is allergic to SPF in some way and we didn’t want to risk it. If you do though, let me know what you think and if there is any drastic difference.

kiehls brand focus jac and the box review

Skin Rescuer

Again, I wasn’t sure about this. Honestly, I didn’t even buy it, Greg did when he went in to restock on the eye cream that he was so certain he wouldn’t need. And alas his skin has never been better. I don’t really know how much it has helped mine but I know that if you suffer from any kind of dryness in your skin you should most definitely try give this stuff a try. For me, I think it makes my make up go on a bit smoother and helps it last longer. My skin isn’t as dry so doesn’t try to use foundation as some sort of nourishment which means my daily glow is there all day long.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser

I am sort of between a rock and a hard place with this cleanser. I have been using a Nutregena cleanser for the last six months and it has worked a treat for me however I wanted something that would go a bit deeper at the end of a day to get my make up and the dirt of London out of my face. So when Debenhams had a sale, I panic bought this cleanser, despite being told not to use anything too exfoliating on my skin. Anyway, it is amazing. My skin has never felt cleaner. It feels like a clay when you first squeeze some onto your hand, but upon application it is more like a cream cleanser with a little grit through to really help clean the skin.

Overall, Kiehls is on the more expensive side. The large eye cream that I have is £34, the face moisturiser is £29 and the serum is the same price. The cleanser was the cheapest but still usually costs about £19. And if you go through your face creams and such quite quickly it can turn into an expensive haul. However I personally think that spending money on skincare is worth it. You only have one face and if you are going to invest in anything, I would always recommend skincare, shoes and a coat. The last two are simply to justify my shoe and jacket collection.