I will say it now, I am not big on festivals. Don’t get me wrong I love spending the day at them and I always have an amazing time, but the camping is not my thing. The toilets are always hideous and the surrounding area is, well usually similar. So this year in my bid to make the most of Scotland before I move, I bought a ticket to TRNSMT festival and I am looking for more that I could attend over summer.

TRNSMT is the first festival I have gone to this year, having previously been to We Love Green in Paris and Secret Garden Party down south, I am excited to go to one that is a mere ten minute walk from my flat. I mean I really don’t know how it can get much better.

So I thought I would start a wee festival series on my blog as I get excited about going to TRNSMT as well as looking up other Scottish festivals I could attend. I am going to do a few looks that I have ready for festival season, but I thought I would start with my prep and what I pack each day for dancing.

If I was camping I would have the usual toothbrush (always new when I go away, I don’t know why), toothpaste and dry shampoo. But because I will be going back to my comfy and cosy bed (have I mentioned that enough yet?) I am just going to show you how I will be preparing myself and staying refreshed for the day.

Skin prep before the festival is the one. I need to nourish my skin before I go – two reasons: 1. it will be dry from me being dehydrated from dancing in the sun (please) all day and 2. I want a bit of colour. So I picked up the Palmers tan lotion. You only really need to use it once to get colour but it is beautiful. Also it doesn’t smell bad and it also doesn’t leave you feeling sticky which I find a lot of moisturisers do. I also always carry a Vaseline simply because it is so light and nourishing. Also it is cheap. There I said it. I am a cheapskate.

Make up wise, I will probably go for a really simple make up look but with a lot of glitter. I am thinking maybe just throwing glitter at myself. I really freaking like glitter I won’t lie. So maybe that will be too much but I love this Barry M glitter. It stays on really well and adds just a small sparkle that looks really pretty in the sunlight.

Then comes the necessities. Sun cream. Because we will be outside all day and if it isn’t for me it will be for my pale friends and ginger boyfriend. I picked up these pocket size ones from Superdrug, mainly because they are under 100ml so easy to take on holiday but also because it fits into the bag that I take on holiday really well. 

One of my favourite things to do is to take photos. So I will always have my Instax packed for whatever I get up to. These are a few photos from travelling and spending time with my favourite people…and Max. It is probably the one beauty bit that it most important to me. I love capturing memories and this way they are printed straight away and I am not left with the task of taking them to print myself.

And that is pretty much everything that I need to prepare for a day festival. FYI I everything apart from the photos (duh) using a card from Holiday Gems to help me prepare for my weekend get away that I promise I will talk about on the blog at the end of festival season.

With thanks to Holiday Gems who kindly sent me a gift card to buy some of the things included in this post.