Festival look TRNSMT | JAC & THE BOX

Like I said in my last post, this month is dedicated to festivals but then I uploaded it a little bit late so it is a month and a bit. Anyway, I thought I would do a wee festival look lookbook sort of thing. It will include three different looks that I have either worn or plan to wear for a festival. And the first one is my simple look.

I will be honest, festivals really aren’t my thing. I have been to a grand total of two in my life, wait maybe three, and they are good but I’m not mad about them. This year however, I am off to TRNSMT. A festival taking place on Glasgow Green, therefore a mere ten minute walk from my flat allowing a good nights sleep to take place and a shower to be possible.

To be fair, the festivals I did go to I spend half my time drunk and the other half feeling sorry for my hungover self. But that probably won’t be the case this year considering I am not the biggest fan of being drunk anymore. I mean I am still happy to have a wee drink but I just don’t like being drunk.

For my first look in this wee series, I have gone for a comfort. Converse are not practical for a festival in Scotland, I know that. But I just love them so much. That and my wellies live in my parents house. And also they wouldn’t go with this outfit. Anyway, this is actually one of my favourite every day looks right now. It is comfy and simple.

Festival look TRNSMT | JAC & THE BOX Festival look TRNSMT | JAC & THE BOX Festival look TRNSMT | JAC & THE BOX Festival look TRNSMT | JAC & THE BOX

These jeans have gathered a lot of love on Instagram, which I am so happy about. I was a bit apprehensive about them because they aren’t my usual skinny but they are comfy and hell I feel good in them. The issue I have with jeans is the curvy bits of me. I am by no means a wee thang anymore.  I have a butt, I have thighs that rub when it is really hot and I have boobs. However I do have a small waist. So getting jeans is a right pain (literally in the ass).

I know, cry me a river right? So although these jeans are perfect on my thighs and bum (no tears shed fyi), they are pretty loose on my waist. That is fine but they sit just below my waist so they give me a bit of a straight figure which I can’t be dealing with considering it is one of my favourite features. Anyway, I paired it with a vest tee that shows my boobies a bit and this M&S jacket I’ve had for years.

Recently Greg re-waterproofed it for me and can I just say thank God because I otherwise I would not have survived this weekend. Also this jacket is one of those perfect weight jackets that you can wear in the humidity and still be all good.

So this is potential look one for any festival this year. The next will be up soon.