JAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMT

This post was going to be aptly named ‘they lok huge’ because my boobs have not looked this big in a post in a while. And I have uploaded me in just my undies before. But then I didn’t feature the pics that made them that big so I ended up not dedicating this post to my tatas. Which FYI have made me cry about seven times in the last month. But enough about that.

This is the second look in my festival series and it is in collaboration with the St Enoch’s Centre in Glasgow – woop woop. Basically, St Enoch very kindly sent me a gift card and said go on fourth young one and make an outfit for summer. So I did, but then I went on holiday (I will get those posts up soon) so thought I’d make it all about festivals.

I have decided this is a more fun look, which is why I have used my nude top that has made so many people do a double take thinking I am nude. Gotcha!

JAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMTJAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMT JAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMT

Shorts – Topshop (similar here and high end here | Shirts – H&M mens (similar here and here) | Converse (duh)

I paired it with these shorts I picked up in Topshop in Debenhams – I blooming love Debenhams again. I think growing up I always associated it with bras and therefore terror so never liked going in but recently I’ve been in for a hair consultation, a facial and new clothes. I also stayed well clear of the lingerie section just in case that old fear set in and I went back to my old ways of avoiding it like the plague.

I realised that I hadn’t bought new denim shorts in about six years, with my last pair being bought from River Island when I was in when I was in fifth year of high school. And let’s just say, I am no longer a size 8 with a non-existent touche. So these are a 12 and they fit like a glove and I feel blooming marvelous in them. I am really into Topshop denim at the moment, I mean the jeans in my last post are just the best.

JAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMT JAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMTJAC & THE BOX Festival ready TRSMTI also picked up this shirt, but from the mens section of H&M in St Enoch’s because I just really like the mens shirts more than the womens. I rarely do a shirt up in fear of the splay and mens are just a better length and fit and overall softness as well.

So this is festival look number two and yes, I was pretty darn cold shooting it.

With thanks to St Enoch’s for supporting this post.