The final look in my wee series is this simple look. I won’t lie to you, I took these photos on the same day as I took my last blog photos and to change I wrapped my dress around the vest I am wearing and then wriggled out of my shorts in the middle of the street. I mean it worked, but it did cause a good wee giggle.

So this is my third look and like I said, a classic comfy fun wee look. And while I am a bit happier now with my body, this dress is a bit of a sore thorn in my side (that’s the saying right?) because it is a freaking 16 and still doesn’t fit my tits.

I mean yes, it is an H&M dress so of course it doesn’t fit. But still a 16 and it still doesn’t fit me because I have got two things hanging off me that are just ruining my shopping. Okay I mean not that bad, but they are bloody annoying. And I do sometimes have my wee cry about them but it is fine.

Anyway, I dusted off my red converse for this post because if you look really closely, there are little red flowers on my dress so I thought I would try to make them pop.

I think I have a bit of a thing for floral dresses. I once wanted to be a minimalist dresser but then well, turns out I’m just not that kind of girl.

So what festival look has been your favourite and are you heading to any festivals this year? If you have any Scottish ones please let me know because I am looking.

What look has been your favourite? The first look was actually what I ended up wearing one day after all of this.