I have been standing in front of my mirror almost butt ass naked every day for a month now. On my own, just looking at my body. Getting to know my curves and the way my boobs sit and where my wee moles and what the roles and wrinkles are. I’ve just been getting to know it.

And why? Because I’ve never done it before. Of course I have seen myself naked. As have some friends, family and Greg. I am not really that shy with my body (considering this is my second underwear shoot I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise) but I have never truly got to know it. And I think there is something powerful behind that statement.

Because how many of you have stood in front of your mirror and looked at yourself? Don’t get me wrong when I first read this (and I can’t remember where) I thought it sounded like the dumbest thing I had ever heard. But then I just started doing it. And now it feels weird not to do it. And I don’t stand there in disgust thinking “Oh God it would be great if that fat wasn’t there” or “Why don’t my boobs sit up as perky as that persons” or “how in the hell do people have abs”. In fact I compliment myself.

Don’t worry I will give you a second to be in shock.

Scottish blogger JAC & THE BOX | Big boob lingerieScottish blogger JAC & THE BOX | Big boob lingerie Scottish blogger JAC & THE BOX | Big boob lingerie

No, rather than stare in the mirror and throw insults at myself, I build myself up. Because for a really long time I just insulted myself. Nobody else ever did. Nobody ever said “You look a bit fat today, Jen” or told me I needed to lose weight. Nope it was all me.

Mad isn’t it? That even though I have never thought that somebody looks like they could lose weight at my size, I thought I had to. So I have started loving myself a little.

Which brings me to this gorgeous underwear set. It is another Freya collection – I know, I have a problem okay – and although it isn’t the simple white or nude set I intended on, could I really say no to it? Pfft that would be mad right?

So the other morning after admiring myself in the mirror (yes admiring – shock horror) I put on this set and grabbed one of Greg’s shirts and got a few photos. So what do you think?

I won’t lie to you, because when do I? The pants of this set are super uncomfortable. And my butt that (for reference) fits into a size 10 Zara jeans needs a large and that is still not the most comfortable. I have never had that before with Freya or Fantasie or Wacoal as a brand, but these ones aren’t great. Nevertheless, the bra is great. As are the other two that I ordered while writing this that are now on their way and as long as they fit I’ll be damned if I don’t take photos in them too.

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