JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce

I have loved thigh highs for a long ass time. I originally bought this pair from Primark in 2015 and they have been a staple in my autumn/winter looks for the last two years very proudly. They make me feel fierce and strong and turn even my simplest outfit (usually my t-shirt dress) into something that makes me feel confident enough to boss anything.

I actually used to really hate thigh highs. I had this horrible (and regrettable) view that thigh highs made you somehow unclassy. But if that is the case, then honey call me the bin man because I am trash. I literally wear them with everything. Jeans, skirts and dresses are all fair game. Although, i did stretch the boots a bit when I paired them with jeans annoyingly.

However, they are still dreamy. So when Next kindly sent me across this skirt and jumper combo, I almost immediately knew how I was going to style them. With my fierce boots of course that I cannot get enough of. So when I got home I pulled together the look with my hair on my head and my facemask on and realised it probably wasn’t the best time to shoot the look. So I did it on the weekend.

JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce

This is my first leather skirt I have ever owned. I was kind of resisiting getting a leather skirt for a long time because pleather did that job and I have never felt the desire to have one, but honestly the quality is incredible. It fits and wear so much better than my pleather skirt and overall I just love it.

The jumper is textured, and I say textured because I don’t actually know how to describe it. It’s like a large holed knit with studs on it. You know, textured. To be honest, I need to wear it with a vest because otherwise my boobies are out although maybe on a night out with a nude bra…maybe. Or a black bra.

JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce

Ooh speaking of bra, I got a beaut new set from Freya through the post. I am probably not going to post a look in it because the knickers they sent were a wee bit big but the bra is beautiful on. I probably wouldn’t be able to wear it under this outfit though because I would be that wee bit too fierce – don’t want to scare folk.

And that is all I have today folks. I am obsessed with this skirt and have had it on with a different jumper already this week. For a laugh, here is an outtake of me trying to dance. Feel free to giggle.

JAC + The Box Feeling Fierce