Fashion LIFE


I am going to level with you all right now and get really bloody real. So, London life is something else. I knew I was going to be busy but holy heck, it is something else.

Now trust me, I am not looking for sympathy or for you to feel sorry for me in any way. I am doing a lot of cool stuff and I am getting to meet interesting people. I am also getting to experience fun new things and adventure to incredible new places constantly.

But honestly, I am constantly knackered. And you can tell from my blog. I am publishing so rarely and when I do I feel like it is just pictures. And that is really weird, because I am a writer. I love writing blog posts and blabbing about my life regardless if you care or not.

So I have been doing work to try and make myself feel a whole lot better. Especially on the weekends, and I am using them to really escape my busy, non-stop, working London life and doing the random things you might not think about.

This outfit (yes I am in this dressĀ again) comes from a weekend where I asked Greg to pick a number to work out where we would go. Not because I had numbered locations, but because we were jumping on the tube to the west and getting off at whatever number he chose – which was number 13. So we hopped off at St James’ Park and adventured.

To make it even better, I left my phone at the flat. To be fair, I do this all the God damn time just so that I don’t have any temptation to look at it. Anyway, it was the greatest way to escape the London life without ever leaving London.