new lanark world heritage Jac & the box

With the move creeping up on me I have started finding things in Glasgow that I adore and will really miss. So when I was invited along to New Lanark World Heritage centre I jumped on it.

Now I have never been to Lanark, never mind New Lanark, so that was the first challenge. But with a backpack filled with a bottle of water and sunglasses, we headed along for the train. Arriving in Lanark, we got lost and went the wrong way about four times before finally finding a big hill to walk down towards the centre.

FYI this walk was beautiful. I didn’t take any pictures because I was really just taking it in and having not been back to Perth for a bit I was so in awe at the countryside. But let me tell you I was already dreading having to climb back up the hill, but we will come to that later.

So arriving at the centre, we weren’t too sure what to do. It is huge. There are so many different buildings that are just so incredibly breath taking. There are signs though, so we headed to the food court and grabbed some lunch. It is expensive. Like it shocked me. Take a pack lunch with you and sit outside because it is expensive in the food court. I usually do take a picnic and let me tell you – it was a regret.

Anyway, we went through the real shindig where you learn all about wee Anne’s life in the cotton mill. I thought the ride was going to be scary but it really isn’t. I mean at times I had white knuckles, but nope there were no scares. In fact it was actually pretty easy going. And it was interesting.

new lanark world heritage Jac & the box new lanark world heritage Jac & the box new lanark world heritage Jac & the box new lanark world heritage Jac & the box

After the ride we went and played with some of the games. I didn’t really understand them so we pretty much just played hop scotch and played with a weird hoop and stick thing. Then, then, we went out on the rooftop garden. And it was stunning. This is where you should eat your picnic.

There was a wedding going on when we were up there so we didn’t stay too long and instead we headed out for an ice cream and a wander along the falls. Let me say, as a self proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, this ice cream was easy top ten. And according to the guy I bought the ice cream from, there will be a tour of the ice cream place. I mean I don’t know if it is true, but if it is you can gaurentee I will be diving head first into it. There is also a lego thing going on this summer and I really want to check that out because it looks so damn cool.

And now for the funny story, because when isn’t there. We needed to head up the freaking mountain side to get home. So we did the first big bit and then decided to sit on a wall. In this time I was trying to persuade Greg that we could just hitch hike up to the town. It was a 30 minute walk and it was up a hill on a horrid muggy day. Also I am lazy. Anyway, Greg was not for it.

But then a car stopped and asked if we wanted a lift. Let me say, if I was alone I would say no. But I wasn’t, so I went over and explained that we were just taking a break from the hill. And it was then that the guy realised he had mistaken me for someone else.

But in fear of seeming rude, he still offered us a lift and after a glance at Greg he hopped off the wall and we got a ride up to the town with a short history lesson of the place along the way.

It’s not funny but it is bizarre. I always like to think of myself as a pretty great judge of character and having hitch hiked in worse places, I felt okay doing it in New Lanark but I wouldn’t advise you do it unless you are totally comfortable.

That and my mum said I could chat myself out of getting kidnapped. That doesn’t need to be explained though considering we are 700 words deep into this now.

All in all, it was a pretty great way to spend a Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the place is just stunning. So If you are looking for something to do, I think tickets are a tenner each but like I said I was invited by a PR to see the place for the day. I should note that you don’t actually need a ticket to visit the grounds or to walk in the forest area. Or to get the ice cream (my fav bit…would probs go just for the ice cream tbh.)

I was given two free tickets in exchange for a review but duh opinions my own.