Scottish blogger JAC & The Box a letter to my teenage self

This is an inspired post from Allie at Rush and Teal. She posted something the other day that really struck a chord with me. It was her ‘A letter to my teenage self’ post. And it was so eloquent and perfect and beautiful and really sweet. It’s the kind of thing I wish I could sit and say to not only my teenage self but to my gorgeous cousin and my beautiful niece. And then it was me realise I wanted to write one.

So this is my letter to not only my younger self but to any young girl who is struggling through her teenage years.

Dear Jenny,

First up you made it. Remember that dream you wrote down in one of your many notebooks to be a journalist for a magazine, definitely not a newspaper. Well you did it. And you did it all by yourself and in your own way. Turns out you don’t have to go to university or feel bad for your decisions because they have made you a pretty bad ass woman. So stop worrying and don’t feel bad that you picked drama over chemistry or that you dropped maths asap – I have never used an equation in my life since sitting the exam in fourth year (which by some miracle you pass).

Also you need to stop caring what everyone thinks of you. The girls you think don’t like you, yeah they probably don’t. But turns out you aren’t so keen on them either and that is okay. We aren’t put on this earth to like every other human being that walks past. Trust me, you are going to hate the leaders of the UK and the US in not too long. And if the girls are mean brush them off, if you feel left out do something better and if you don’t want to be in their company then tell them. It doesn’t make you a bad person to disagree with people as long as you stay true to who you are. Apart from Vicki – you two will fight like cats but still manage to spend every Valentine together because you are still best friends.

Right now you are under some illusion that love doesn’t really exist, well it does. You will probably kiss a lot of frogs, okay you will definitely kiss a lot of frogs, but you will also kiss a couple of princes. They just aren’t your prince. But that ginger kid with the wonky fringe that you are too shy to talk to is going to become the love of your God damn life. You will fight a lot and you will think he is a dickhead, he probably thinks the same about you at times, but that man is the most incredible human. Also giving him jump scares is one of the funniest things you will do when you live together.

You might feel like you should lie about when your period started to try and fit in because it seems like you are the last human on earth to bleed from your uterus – trust me you will hate it when it starts but no you don’t need to phone your mum and force her to cancel her golf because you are not dying. That pain you are feeling – prepare for that every month for what feels like eternity.

Also – pee after sex. The urine infection is not worth the hassle.

And finally; you’re not fat and boy do you develop boobs, you are going to regret the make-up you wear between the ages of 12 to 16 but who gives a fuck it makes you happy. You will have screaming matches with your mum and some of the girls because kiddo you are opinionated. You are going to catch the travel bug and spend hours getting lost around the world – just don’t take new shoes. Your mum and dad will always spoil you but remember to stand on your own two feet. You might think you need the latest technology but be happy you have fresh water. Stop washing your hair every day. Go out for walks more often. Cuddle as many dogs, especially your own, at every opportunity. Eat breakfast, in fact just eat.  Never stifle a laugh. Phone your family. Look out for your friends.

But most importantly – remember that you are going to be really fucking happy.

Lots of love,


PS never stop standing up for yourself and everyone you love, you got this Jen.