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Copenhagen is one of those cities I had heard of but never really thought about going to. I actually have a friend who was born in Denmark but now lives in Italy (she also sounds English but lets not get into that at the moment). Anyway, even when she would rave about how beautiful Denmark is I never really thought of visiting.

But then Greg and his friends were going and I was off that weekend and started to get jealous. So after mentioning it in passing with the guys and them not seeming too bothered if I tagged along, I booked myself flights for under £50 – thank you Ryanair.

So there are a lot of flights to Copenhagen available. And I mean a lot – you have Jet 2, EasyJet, Ryanair and probably some of the more pricy ones but I won’t even pretend I have ever looked at them. But there is the possibility of cheap flights.

Now arriving in Copenhagen I was surprised with just how big the airport is. Think Heathrow but bigger. But as soon as you eventually reach the never ending long corridor, you reach the metro line which could not be simpler (unless you don’t understand the money, then the people nearby will help because Copenhagen is friendly AF). Also it quite literally takes 15 minutes to get from the airport to the town centre on the metro. Also it cost me (I think) £5.

Can London please learn something from Copenhagen here?

So arriving at Norreport, it was a 15 minute walk from here and even though it was holy crap do-I-still-have-a-nose cold, we were more than happy to walk it having just spent three hours in a metal tube in the air.

Now for staying, like I always say, Airbnb it. We were a group of five so we were able to get a pretty decent place quite easily. There is always the option to just get a room but personally I find getting a whole place so much better. And I absolutely loved our place for location (it was more communal with locals) and also the décor. Let’s just say I now want to own somewhere and decorate it right now.
JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen

Now I would love to come to you with a massive guide on what to do when you are in Copenhagen but in all honesty I just got super duper lost. It is one of my favourite things to do in a new city and it means you see things you never expect to see. However there are a few things I would recommend and not recommend.

First up – I didn’t go see the mermaid. I had been warned before hand that it wasn’t really anything special so I just didn’t bother. However I did go down to the harbor where the colourful houses are and the trees were filled with fairy lights. This just gave such a magical effect and made me feel super Christmassy even though it was February and I totally did not mind. It was pretty cloudy so I didn’t get a lot of photos sadly.

One thing I would say is don’t have lunch down by the harbor – it is so expensive. Also I had some weird herring buffet because I thought ooh traditional food woo but it was minging. And that is coming from someone who loves fish and would happily cut out meat and just eat fish.

JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen

On the Sunday we visited a museum because it was raining. This museum is right opposite the palace so you can go and have a wee nosy at the palace and then spend hours in the museum where you get free lockers to hang up your coats and bag to save you carrying them around yourself the entire day. I really like museums and really hate the rain so this was perfect for me.

Copenhagen is filled with gardens and parks with ponds that are lovely to sit and enjoy some fresh air and watch the ducks. We went when it wasn’t raining and had a really relaxing stroll, it sort of makes you feel like you aren’t in a city any more.

Actually now that I think about it, Copenhagen never really feels like a city. It is generally really quiet and the only traffic you do see is cyclists. Which are everywhere. And made me really jealous. If I ever go again, I will 100% be renting a bike and would recommend that same for everyone else. I would have rented a bike on the Sunday had it not rained all day.

When it comes to food hit the bakeries. Come on, you are in Denmark, the home of the Danish pasty. Screw the diet (if unlike me you are on one) and enjoy those carbs. Pastries are the absolute bomb and getting them from the mother of pastries, well you just cannot go wrong.

JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen

Over from the little harbor is a food market place and holy moly if you don’t go you will regret it for the rest of your life. I was still pretty full on my rank buffet when we went so didn’t get much but there were so many options and endless choices of nations and foods and smells. It is such a fun and cosy area with music playing and big communal benches that you can sit at with your friends so basically – I would recommend.

And lastly, most people recommend Cox and Cows but it is crazy expensive and the little bits I had weren’t anything to phone home about. However I think I had the worlds greatest ramen. Now we have all tried Wagamama’s attempt at a ramen and let me tell you – never again. This place was what can only be described as heaven. So whatever you do – go to Kung Fu 2. Even if you don’t think you will like ramen, one of the guys with us said that, but he was proved wrong quickly. It was honestly amazing. And perhaps (apart from the pastries) the best meal of the whole trip.

If you want to see everything I got up to I made a video over on my YouTube channel that you can check out now.