I was going to write about how much I love band tees in this post but with everything that has happened this week, I just can’t bring myself to do so. Because there were hundreds of people all at a gig earlier this week, probably wearing their band merch, that had their lives changed. And it is horrific. There are families waking up every day with their lives changed. It is something that I cannot imagine. Even the idea makes me cry but this is peoples reality.

On the day, I couldn’t believe people were still posting outfit posts and promoting their blogs. It felt wrong and I was angry. I tried to stay away from social media but my eyes were glued to Twitter as if somehow, someone would pop up and say: “Kidding!” Of course that never happened. I pulled myself back from Instagram and Facebook. I went home and just cuddled Greg and cried. I didn’t know anyone in this attack, but they were someones world. And there were people acting as if nothing had happened. But something did happen.

Now I know, trust me I know, that this is happening all over the world. I have watched in horror as it happens in Syria and I have felt pain, but it always felt so far away. So far from the UK. And then it is here, with people I know posting on Facebook to let their friends and family know they are safe. With friends asking for help to find their family member.

I woke up with a new outlook on this yesterday though. I think it had something to do with Manchester United and Manchester City – rival teams – joining their badges in unison to say that Manchester is united. It was seeing the thousands of people stand together and hold one another up in a time where we need to that really switched something.

If we let terrorist acts like this stop us from doing something then we are letting them win. We are giving them what they want. So while my heart is breaking, just remember that together we are strong. We can hold one another and we can use our love for one another to trump these acts of hate. So I will still go to gigs. And wear my band tees. And show my support. And as should you.

I don’t want this to sounds really forced and preachy, but just show your love for one another. Love will conquer this.