The issue that I didn’t own a blusher started becoming more and more apparent to me over the last few weeks. So I set out on the challenge to find myself a new blush – which is how I came across this Collection #BlushAndGlow palette.


I hadn’t really needed a new bronzer since I adore my £3.99 one from H&M but the fact that this palette had not one, but two blushers, with amazing pigment and a gorgeous highlight, I decided an extra bronzer wasn’t exactly the end of the world.

Like I said, the pigment in the blushers is amazing. In fact I always feel like I put way to much on my cheeks and end up spending ages trying to blend them out further to feel less like a rosy cheeked freak.

My favourite of the two is definitely the less pink tone, the brighter pink is a little too shocking when I first apply it and when I am having too apply my make up while half asleep first thing in the morning I don’t like that stress.


The highlighter is, as expected, stunning, the subtle shimmer sits perfectly on the face. I often find highlighters are too matte, well the ones I have tried anyway, but this is honestly amazing. Since it is coming to summer, I personally think it is pretty important that I have a dewy look rather than my wintery matte, and this highlight is perfect.

And finally the bronzer. Dare I say it, I think my H&M bronzer is actually better. Please don’t kill me but I just don’t like the shade. I like quite an orange toned bronzer and I find this just doesn’t do the trick. I mean, it is good for contour but I definitely prefer using my H&M bronzer over the top to create a more sunkissed look.

Overall, I love the blushers and highlight, but as predicted the bronzer wasn’t much use. It is really nifty for travelling because everything I need it there. And it did tick the box of a new blusher so I guess I got what I was looking for…

What is your favourite blusher?